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Is the Future Of Casino Gaming In Mobile?

Mobile Gaming on the go!

Mobile casino gaming is seeing massive growth at the moment. The industry is expanding at a massive rate, with almost 20% of 2016’s gambling revenues being generated by mobile ventures alone! Wi-Fi has spread to almost every developed corner of the world, and smartphones and tablets are extremely prevalent for modern players, business people and even younger generations.

These dynamic developments in mobile technology are causing a major shift of players towards mobile solutions – a movement which started a few years ago and is now picking up speed in a big way. With that said, it seems to be safe to say that the mobile gaming industry will continue to grow at an incredible rate as the mobile revolution picks up its pace around the world.

Stealing the Limelight

This exciting spread of mobile technology has not just made smartphones and tablets more popular. Mobile casino games are raking in more profits than ever, across traditional table games, mobile live casino and more. The online gambling market has become saturated over the years as players discovered its convenience, but the new terrain of mobile gaming is quickly stealing the limelight.

We love our smartphones for their convenience, and we can use them for everything from checking social media to checking emails and planning events. It seems only logical that our entertainment goes mobile too, and mobile casinos have brought just that to their players’ screens.

Convenience a Key Feature

So, why is mobile casino gaming considered to be the future of gambling? Well, it largely boils down to convenience and portability. Today’s busy lifestyles have left us with very little time to visit land-based casinos, and even playing at online casinos can seem pressing for time when you have to sit at a computer to do so.

In contrast, mobile casinos offer real money gaming that you can carry with you wherever you need to go, day or night. There is a massive variety of mobile slots, mobile table games, mobile live dealer games and more being optimised, but a good place to start is by checking out our own Spin Palace Mobile Casino to see what’s on offer.

Personalised Mobile Gaming

Personalisation is also a big reason that mobile gambling is becoming the future of the industry. Many operators are creating a customisable experience for their players including customisable features for mobile casinos and apps. You can now access multiple platforms and real money games instantly on your smartphone or tablet, complete with distinctive mobile features that are designed to work with your devices’ touch screens and capabilities.

There are even HTML5 mobile casinos on offer, which require no downloads and can be played directly from your browser. While apps provide benefits of their own, HTML5 mobile casinos are great if you’re playing from a friend’s device or have limited storage space on your own.

Mobile Innovations To Forge Ahead

As for the future of mobile casino, you can expect to see plenty of new and competitive features optimised for mobile use. Operators will always strive to keep up with the latest trends, which will likely mean smartphone-friendly features, more payment options, and many other conveniences.

The Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2014 predicted massive growth for the industry over the next few years, expecting mobile gambling to constitute over 40% of the total market by just 2018. Looking at these figures, it definitely seems that mobile is the direction in which online gaming has headed, so watch this space for exciting new developments and mobile innovations!

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