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Gambling Superstitions Around the World

Whether you avoid black cats on the way to a casino, or kiss the dice before rolling, everyone has their own way of trying to improve their luck.

The truth is, people have tried to attract good fortune and ward off bad fortune almost since the day the earth began. Talismans and trinkets, rituals and relics have all been used to try and enforce positive vibes and improve people’s luck.

With almost all casino games based on the principle of chance, most playing comes down to pure luck. This has led to all sorts of gambling superstitions and practices. Across the globe there are different ideas of what brings about good fortune and Greece, Sweden, Russia and Japan have a few rather awesome ways to attract that favours of Lady Luck.

In Greece, there’s a belief that money attracts money. To employ these principles, Greeks try to never empty something of money, whether it’s their bank accounts or their wallets. So strong is the belief that, if they’re giving someone a wallet as a gift, they make sure there’s at least one coin in it.

If you ever find yourself playing in a casino in Sweden, you may notice that players never put their keys on the tables or slot machines. This isn’t because they’re paranoid someone’s going to swipe them or they may lose them, but because putting keys on tables, especially when gambling, is believed to be unlucky.

In Russia, whistling inside a casino is more likely to see you end up playing Russian roulette outside in the snow than betting on wheel pockets. This is because whistling indoors is an unlucky no-no!

In Japan, Maneki-neko is a favourite luck-bringer. Instantly recognisable by anyone who has spent at least five minutes in Asian shops, this smiling cat is usually shown beckoning with one, if not both, front paws. Some players keep a small figure in their pocket or on their keychain.

None of these superstitions are limited to land-based casinos, so next time you play at Spin Palace, make sure your keys aren’t on the table, don’t whistle, don’t empty your bank account and if you have a Maneki-neko, put it where you can see it!

We can’t vouch that any of these superstitions will make you a winner, but it’s certainly worth a try!

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