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Get Ready for The Vinyl Countdown!

With World War 2 just in the rear view mirror, the nineteen fifties in the United States stepped into a radically progressive era where the music landscape saw a massive change. Taking cues from the crooner sound of the previous decade, this new style of music shifted its focus to acts like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin.

Towards the middle of the decade, the sounds of classic pop were blown away by the introduction of rock-and-roll. This genre was pioneered by the likes of Chuck Berry, James Brown, Little Richard and Buddy Holly. But we can’t forget arguably the most important figure in rock-and-roll history. Elvis Presley was undoubtedly the king of rock and roll. His various television appearances and records took him from a relatively unknown musician to an industry god almost overnight, and if you stepped into a nineteen fifties diner like the one featured in Vinyl Countdown slot, you’d be sure to see plenty of his songs listed on the jukebox.

Famous songs from that era also include familiar favourites such as “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Johnny B. Good” and “Rock and Roll Music”. You can almost picture these tunes playing as soda jerks made milkshakes for tough guys in leather jackets while their girlfriends danced the night away. It sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Well the good news is that you can step back in time and experience one of America’s most iconic decades with Vinyl Countdown by Microgaming!

**Step Back in Time                                               **

The days of juke boxes, banana splits and Grease might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience a bit of the past right here in the present. Vinyl Countdown does a superb job of transporting us to a different time and a different way of life.

The overall feel of this reel is true to the theme. Lots of neon lights and bright colours cover the background and surround the reel. It truly is a nineteen fifties diner experience in this slot, and all of the throwback elements are on display.

The slot symbols in Vinyl Countdown might make your stomach rumble as you look over a mixture of mouth watering desserts. We’ve got a creamy chocolate milkshake with pink marshmallows and a candy cane straw. There’s also a tantalising banana split with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

How about some homemade waffles with vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup and a ripe strawberry on top? And we can’t forget about that decedent chocolate covered pound cake. Just looking at all these symbols is making us starving! Other symbols include two star struck lovers dancing the night away and a pair of black and white dancing shoes. And let’s not forget the quintessential nineteen fifties tough guy. Slick backed greased hair with a black leather jacket and a smirk to match. That is one cool dude. It’s no wonder that blonde girl has hearts swimming around her head!

Bonus and Wilds

While this slot does not have bonus features in the traditional sense, it does have other ways to win big. Keep an eye out for the glitter ball scatter symbol. Even if this symbol pops up and it’s not on an active payline, the player must just land three to be awarded a prize.

And don’t forget about the wild symbol. It can substitute for a symbol besides the scatter in order to make a winning combination.

So put on your best dancing shoes, grab that leather coat, slick back your hair with a bit of Brylcreem  and get ready to be transported to another time. It’s time for the Vinyl Countdown!

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