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Going Solo - The Newest Travel Trend

Solo travel a hit with women Source: Pixabay

A new trend is rising in the world of the travel industry; solo travel. When thinking about travelling, many imagine doing it with a partner, or with a group of friends. There are, of course, a number of advantages to having others along when exploring the great unknown. Shared costs and good company certainly goes a long way.

So, why is it that solo travel is seeing an enormous increase in 2018? Such an enormous increase that travel agencies around the world are taking notice? It turns out that there are a number of advantages to travelling alone, whether it’s to Vegas to experience the real life thrills that you’ve enjoyed at Spin Place casino online, to Italy to explore the beautiful countryside, or to Asia to soak up the sights and sounds of somewhere like Hong Kong.

Why Travel Alone?

Premier Hotels & Resorts’ founder and managing director, Samuel Nassimov, knows the travel industry better than most. According to him the most common reason for people to travel solo is, very simply, the liberating sense of freedom. In daily life most are bound by rigged schedules, tight deadlines, and cement rules. Taking a holiday alone means making ones own rules, and that speaks for itself.

Travelling alone also means not having to consult with anyone about destinations or travel routes, which means a holiday free from virtually all kinds of stress or conflict. Anything goes when there is no one else to say otherwise.

Sure, there wont be anyone around to hold the camera for a scenic photo. But then that’s what selfies are for!

Women – The Champions Of Solo Travelling

Exploring the world alone Source: Pixabay

When digging deeper into the nature of this new trend it turns out that women, overwhelmingly, are more likely to travel solo than men. A recent survey conducted by Solitair Holidays found that the percentage of solo travellers stands at 73% female, and only 27% male. A big enough difference to conclude that there is a major trend.

The question as to why this stark contrast exists was posed on Solo Traveller, a social website dedicated to those who travel alone. The responses were varied, but it seems that many simply assume that women are more adventurous, and far more comfortable with being on their own in unfamiliar environment.

Solo Travel Age Groups

It seems that solo travel is also very specific to age groups; Solitair Holidays survey revealed that those willing to travel alone under the age of 30 are just 4%. The vast majority of solo travellers are over the age of 50. In fact, 84% of all solo travellers are between the ages of 51 and 70, which starts to put the whole picture into perspective.

Further analysis finds that the most common destinations are Europe and Mexico, and the most commonly visited attractions are museums. So it seems that solo travellers are most likely to simply take their time, stroll around museums, and not have to worry about others rushing them.

Solo Traveller Fears

The final aspect to take into consideration is what concerns solo travellers the most about their journeys. Some might have assumed it was getting lonely, but it turns out that only 14% of solo travellers are worried about this. The biggest fear is safety, with 60% ranking it as their number one fear.

Samuel Nassimov admitted that safety should be a concern for solo travellers, but concluded that vigilance goes a long way in keeping a person safe, wherever they decide to go exploring.

Ready for a holiday on your own? Now looks like a great time to go travelling on your terms!



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