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How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?


The cost of engagement rings Source: Pixabay

The day comes, you grit your teeth in grim determination, and know that, whatever happens, the day will shape your personality for the remainder of your life. You’ve decided to ask that special lady the question. Will she say yes? Perhaps, perhaps not. Rejection on this front would likely mentally destroy you for the rest of your life, so naturally every effort should be made to achieve success. You’ve combed your hair, brushed your teeth and even polished your shoes. Because, as is well known, a lady virtually never accepts a marriage proposal from a man with scuffed shoes. It’s just common sense.

But then there is that other little issue - the engagement ring.

It may well be the most important aspect of a marriage proposal, and the key factor in a yes or no answer. Or at least that’s what you’ve heard. So before the question can even be asked, it’s time to head off and hope your heart can handle the earth shattering amount of money that’s about to be parted with.

The only question is; just how much should that be?

Not What It Once Was

The amount that should be spent on an engagement ring, according to long standing tradition, is three months salary. Regardless of what you earn. This has probably made you throw up your hands in despair and scream blue murder. It’s no small amount. In fact, it’s an unbelievable amount. Saving that much could take months, or years. The only real option seems to be to just work the total out, hit the Blackjack tables, and pray that the money lands up in your pocket. At least then you can hope to get married this century.

For the above-mentioned reason and more, an interesting trend is being seen in the millennial generation. The popularity of expensive engagement rings is dropping off at a rapid place, likely drawing worried frowns from diamond moguls across the world. The tradition has existed, unchallenged, since the mid-fourteen hundreds. That it would be losing steam now really is an interesting development.

Diamonds Are Who’s Best Friend?

Very simply put; millennials like to buck the trend. It is now more common than ever for long standing traditions to be questioned, turned over, and completely ignored. Many millennials simply stated in a recent poll that they don’t see the point in handing over vast sums of money for a ring. Many added that they were aware of the conditions in which diamonds were mined, and did not agree with the perceived exploitation.

For the most part though, engagement rings are still purchased by millennials, but with a vastly different approach. Both parties before hand agree upon a sensible amount, and diamonds are no longer the accepted norm. Instead, other precious stones are likewise taken into account, with the monetary value not being the priority. A far more sensible solution, many would agree. Although some still on insist on sticking to the established traditions and scoring themselves a sparkler.

How Much?

So the answer to the question ‘how much should be spent on an engagement ring’ is a fairly obvious one. As much as you and your partner want to, or can afford to. Given that the purpose of the ring is a symbol of commitment, any band would do really, as long as the sentiment behind it is clear.

So in this regard, a matter of preference and opinion should be foremost. Though, of course, sticking to the tradition is likewise a matter of preference. In which case the answer is three months salary!

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