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Insider Advice on Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games are a relatively new development in the online casino industry that have revolutionised the player experience. Blending the best of both worlds, live dealer games allow players to enjoy the fun social interaction of land-based table games without ever leaving the comfort of home. This is enabled via live streaming video and chat facilities.

Of course, playing games like roulette and poker with a live croupier and coming face to face with other players is quite different to interacting solely with a virtual interface. For players who have only ever played online or those who haven’t played offline in quite some time, live dealer play will be a bit of an adjustment. Live dealer games online are also not identical to their traditional offline counterparts, purely by virtue of the technology involved.

So, before you rush off to introduce yourself to one of our lovely live croupiers, we highly recommend that you take in our top tips for live dealer casino games:

Shop around before Taking Your Seat

At Spin Palace, we use top-of-the-line Microgaming software for all of our games - including the live dealer options. Our charming croupiers are highly trained professionals, who know the game inside and out and how to manage the table too.

You can go to our “About Us” section to confirm that you have found a quality casino at which to play, with all the proper licensing and registration, fair play, and fast payouts.

So, the fact that you’ve found your way to our site probably means that you’ve already gotten the “shop around” part out of the way. You’ll find that the calibre of the online gaming venue at which you play can make or break your live dealer experience, so choose wisely.

Check Your Internet Connection

No matter how advanced the casino’s technology is, it will all be pretty useless to you if you have a slow Internet connection or insufficient bandwidth. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to play a live dealer game but your connection keeps lagging and your video keeps buffering.

If you want to get the full immersive live dealer experience, a fast Internet connection is non-negotiable.

Familiarise Yourself with Live Dealer Etiquette

Because live dealer games involve interaction with your fellow players and the croupier, you are required to adhere to certain standards of etiquette. Make sure you know what kind of behaviour is expected of you before you take your seat at the table.

Plan Your Playing Time

On the one hand, you don’t want to lose track of time and spending all day and night playing casino games while your life has to be put on hold. On the other, it’s horrible to be on a winning streak and then have to quit because you have an appointment to get to.

It’s also not ideal to try to play live dealer games while there are distractions - the kids, for example - around. Plan your playing time in advance and remember that the busiest times for live dealer tables are generally in the evenings.

Talk to the Pit Boss

The pit boss is the online casino employee responsible for supervising the game and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. If you have a problem - perhaps another player is badgering you in the chat room or you noticed that the croupier made a mistake - feel free to take it up with the pit boss, who will resolve it promptly.

Know When to Fold

As with all casino pursuits, live dealer games require a fair measure of self-control. With live dealer games, this is particularly true as it is all too easy to get carried away by a fast-paced game.

So it’s important to pre-set quit points for yourself so that you don’t chase losses and get yourself in too deep.

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