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iPhone vs. iPad- Who Wins?

Apple devices are enormously popular, both as smartphones and tablets, and as a platform for mobile casino games. There is some debate, however, on exactly which Apple device is best suited for gambling on the go, and many may find themselves stuck between playing on iPad and playing on iPhone.

Lets take a look at how these two devices weigh up, and which one may be better for mobile gambling.

Looking at Software

From a software perspective, there is no difference between the iPad and the iPhone. Both of these devices run on iOS, the Apple operating software, and playing a game on either device will operate in exactly the same way. From the user experience, then, there are no software differences, and choosing which Apple device to play on can only be determined by looking at the actual hardware.

The Display Screen

Both the iPad and the iPhone have highly responsive touch screens. These operate in exactly the same way, leaving the user with a state-of-the-art experience for maximum playing pleasure.

That said, even though the current generation iPhones are considerably larger than when they first came out, the iPad still trumps the iPhone in display screen size.

This does have an effect on the playing experience. The larger screen is easier on the eye and it is also easier to navigate. This can make the iPad slightly more enjoyable to play on, and is certainly better when playing casino games for a longer period of time. When considering the enjoyment of the gambling experience, then, the iPad would be the best device to choose for gambling on the go.

The Device Size

The actual size of the device also comes into play. Despite ever-larger iPhones, the smart phone is still smaller than the tablet. Even though players may choose a device such as the iPad mini, the iPhone device is still likely to be smaller. This makes it more convenient to carry around.

When considering convenience, then, the iPhone would be the best device to choose for gambling on the go.

Making A Choice

In conclusion, choosing which device is better suited to playing on the go depends entirely on the individual and the situation. Both devices offer a high-quality playing experience, and each is unique in what they specialise in.

The iPad is better suited for longer playing sessions due to its larger screen size and offers a more enjoyable playing experience, but the iPhone is a lot more convenient to carry around. Depending on which factor is more important, you may choose either device, or you can switch between the two as you desire!

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