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Kanye West Makes It To the White House


Trump & Kanye West Source: Tert.am

On the one hand you have Kanye West. A musician and controversial figure known for making outrageous statements, attempting to steal the spotlight wherever possible, and seeming to have a strong fondness for his own mental image of himself. On the other hand you have Donald Trump, who shares many of the same characteristics as Kanye. Put the two together and what you have is a veritable stewing pot of controversy.

Which, speculation is already rife, is probably why the two decided to go face-to-face, and causing an epicentre of controversy that would get them both so much attention that they could practically drown in it.

Kanye West recently visited the White House. He delivered a ten-minute speech to Donald Trump, and the United States and the world are already flying back and forth on social media networks, trying to make sense of the bizarre encounter.

The Superman Hat

Arriving with a “Make America Great Again” hat on his head, Kanye and Trump shared an embrace, with multiple cameras snapping away. Wearing the hat made Kanye feel like Superman, he commented.

But this embrace and the hat were small fry, and only one aspect of the meeting that made the world collectively gasp. It was the speech Kanye delivered that really got the social media networks exploding. Kanye swayed back and forth between multiple topics, although the apparent purpose of the speech had been about prison reform. It was a speech, Kanye himself declared, that came from the soul, and was likewise like a fine wine, having multiple notes.

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The Revolutionary iPlane Design

The most bizarre moment of the encounter, and the one that is most talked about and ridiculed, is the moment that Kanye pitched the iPlane to president Trump. At one point during his monologue, Kanye suggested that Airforce One be replaced by the iPlane 1. A plane, Kanye explained, that would be designed by Apple. He backed up his iPlane pitch with the idea that if the president doesn’t look good, that the country doesn’t look good. The president has to be the freshest, he added, the flyest.

It turned out that Kanye even had a design for his proposed plane on his phone. He decided to share the design with the POTUS, revealing to the world that the password for his phone was 000000. Much is being made about the over-simplified password, with it being apparent that Kanye is not the most innovative password creator.

Upon being asked about the plane design, Apple said that they were never contacted about the idea, and were completely unaware that such a design existed until it’s grand reveal at that moment. They refused to make further comment, most likely due to the fact that they do not make planes.

The Media Circus Personified

Either way, another media circus has unfolded in the White House, with both parties likely receiving what they wanted from the incident. Which is to say; both would be getting another wave of media coverage, and becoming hot topics on social media platforms across the world.

Just last month Kanye likewise took the social media world by storm, with a Tweet saying that he felt the Constitutions 13th Amendment, which brought an end to slavery, should be abolished. He later added to this Tweet, saying he felt that the amendment should be amended, not abolished. Either way, it was another storm of controversy in a long line of controversial moments for Kanye.

Upon Kanye concluding his speech, Trump commented that the rant he had received was pretty impressive, and quite something. He further said that West could speak for him anytime, was a smart cookie and that he got it. What it was that Kanye got, Trump didn’t expand on. Although he was likely referring to the fact that he and Trump both seemed to play up controversy in the same fashion, for the their own publicity benefit.

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