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Why Mobile Gaming Growth has Accelerated

While it took almost 100 years for landline telephones to reach saturation in the United States, mobile phones did it in 20 and smartphones in about half of that. Recent surveys of global shipments suggest that while desktop and laptop units seem to be moving more slowly, smartphones and tablets are being snapped up faster.

We all know the mobile industry is developing faster than any other industry, including online platforms, and that in many instances mobile devices are overtaking online machines. It is more interesting to consider and examine exactly why this is the case.

Technological Developments

** **We’ve seen some incredible progress in smartphone and tablet technology over the past few years, creating better user experiences than ever before. Faster central processing units, more detailed graphic displays and touchscreens that are more sensitive all contribute to the immersion and enjoyment that you feel when you play casino games, check social media sites, watch movies or do anything else on your smartphone or tablet.

Not only are mobile devices more user-friendly than they have ever been before, they are also more necessary to managing the ever-growing Internet of Things. Once your refrigerator has noted what you are running out of, for example, this information needs to get relayed to your smartphone so that a shopping list can be generated for you on your way to the grocery store.

New developments and experimental designs suggest that it will soon be possible to turn on your shower with your smartphone and then be notified when it is at the required temperature, and it’s already possible to monitor different body statistics. Your fitness tracker can send heart rate readings to your phone or tablet, and continuous glucose monitoring can do the same with sugar levels for diabetics. Once this information is on your device you can check for patterns or issues to watch out for. In the ecosystem of connected devices that make our lives work better, mobile handsets occupy an important space.

** **

Worldwide Social Changes

Inseparable from the improvements in mobile technology and the rise of the interconnectedness of devices is the fact that the world we are living in is changing all the time. As more and more is expected of us we demand technology that can keep up, and as this technology is produced so more and even more is expected of us.

Our lives are so busy that they only function if we can fit in our work emails as we stand in line at the grocery store, or check social media accounts as we wait in the boardroom for our next meeting to start. And luckily this is completely possible, but only with the superb smartphone and tablet technology that we have at our fingertips today.

With everything possible on mobile devices today, of course, we also have word-class casino games available on this platform. It was once the case that mobile games were a poor replacement for their online counterparts, to be played only until it was possible to get back to the superior action of a desktop game. These days the quality of the games and functionality is comparable, and you often have just as much choice when playing on your mobile device as you have online.

** **

Still a Place for Both

Although it is true that you can accomplish everything on your smartphone or tablet that you can on your desktop today, this does not necessarily mean that personal computers are on their way out. When you want to play or work on a larger screen, or are doing something especially complicated, desktops can be the only way to go. There’s nothing like playing a game with rich, high-definition graphics on a massive screen, and when you think about how immersive a Live Dealer casino game can be in this format we think you’ll agree!

The balance of power between online and mobile has shifted, then, to one of equal importance. We wouldn’t ask you to give up either, and for many applications you can move smoothly between the two. With our casino, for example, and many others, you can access the same account on any device you happen to be using. That means you can start on your home PC, continue on your tablet as you commute to work, keep going on your work desktop (don’t let your boss see!) and finish up on your smartphone while you’re waiting in the boardroom for your next meeting to start.

Mobile and online technology will both keep evolving and influencing each other, and we need to take care that we are controlling how they function in our lives, rather than the other way around. If they are used properly, of course they enhance work, fun, health and everyday life.

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