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How the Negative Progression Betting System Works

There are hundreds of betting systems available online, specifically written for each available casino game. And, it is worth noting; all betting systems hold some level of value in one aspect or another. Precise betting systems will dictate a specific action that is to be taken for every step of a particular game, and although these types of guides do often give positive results, it has been said that following an exact set of rules tends to reduce casino games to no more than a chore.

This may indeed be true. If you are of the mind set that you would like to get better at casino games, but aren’t thrilled about having to follow an exact set of rules word for word, it may help to learn a broader betting strategy that will help improve your performance at a game, but still allow room for experimentation and freedom. One such broad concept to take note of, and implement in your favourite game, is referred to as the negative progression system. By taking note of the concept of the negative progression system you can implement the base ideas, and will see an improvement of returns to some extent, but still be allowed to play the game as you prefer.

Anticipation of Turning Tides

There is both a negative and positive progression system in casino games. The positive progression system suggests that a player should increase bets when wins are occurring, which aims to chase a winning streak and take full advantage. The negative progression system suggests that if losses are occurring, they are likely to be followed by wins. Hence, when a loss is incurred the player should increase the current bet to take advantage of the win that is inevitably going to follow. If the win occurs, the player should reduce the bet in anticipation of a loss that will inevitably follow. The amount won should cover any losses that previously occurred.

Of course, casino games are based around chance, and there is no betting system that is going to be 100% successful all the time. Both the negative and positive progression systems hold a great deal of value, but neither is a magical way to suddenly be the ultimate casino game player. It is best to understand what the systems are trying to achieve, and use the knowledge to make the best of any given situation in your favourite casino game.

Which Game Does Negative Progression Work With?

The two systems are solid advice for most casino games. Since a casino game by its very nature is a process of risk, reward, and luck, simply understanding that the tides will always turn, one way or the other, is what is important. Games such as roulette and craps are excellent when keeping negative and positive progression in mind. Even a slot game, however, will benefit from implementing these systems wisely.

Where To Get Betting Guides

As has already been said, the negative progression betting system is a broad idea. There are many other betting guides, many of which are more specific and precise. The majority of betting guides are offered for free, and you may adopt them and test them as you please. The Martingale negative betting system, used for roulette, is an example of a very simple guide that gives reliable results. It is again important to keep in mind, however, that no betting system is perfect, and all involve a level of risk.

In the case of the Martingale System, which suggests that you bet on either red or black, and double the bet if it fails, the results are reliable for the majority of the time. In the case of losing 5 times in a row, however, the betting system falls apart and cannot cover losses. It is very unlikely that you will suffer 5 loses in a row, but unlikely does not mean impossible. Hence, it is clear to see that betting systems have their flaws.

Be Your Own Master

Ultimately, you will soon learn that betting guides are, as their name suggests, guides. Read and understand a vast number of guides and use the information as best suits your play style. If you are a player who likes your casino games fast and full of exhilarating risk, adapt a betting system of your own that meets this intention, but also make smart use of logical rules. It is possible to play risky, and still be smart about it.

If you prefer to take your games slow and careful, then once again you may create a betting system that takes full advantage of this. It is recommended by most betting guides that slow and steady is the way to go. But, more importantly…slow steady and smartly is the best possible approach. Read guides, understand them, and use them to fit your play style. The level of improvement and success will be clear to see.

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