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New App Awards Students For Concentrating

Hold in action Source: nordic.businessinsider.com

Everyone can agree that modern technology is amazing. People are more connected than ever before, and virtually everyone is walking around with a powerful, Internet connected computer in their pocket. But, as everyone has been quick to discover, having such portable technology in one’s pocket has many downsides.

Teenagers, and even many adults, have become obsessed with their phones to the point of addiction, which is a growing concern. Social events are ruined by some having their eyes glued to their phone, which is not only rude, but a sign that perhaps phones are just a bit too distracting. This, of course, is tenfold worse when taking students into account.

There are growing reports that students are constantly being distracted by their phones, and this is having a predictably detrimental effect on their studies. Hence the new app called Hold rewards students for turning off their phones.

Youngsters Are Phone Fanatics

Based on the research done by the creators of the Hold application, the 18-24 year old age group use their phones around 50% more than the next age group. Which is to say that, on average, a millennial checks their phone around two hundred times per day. Or, to be more specific, spends around three hours per day looking at their phone. While phones are marvellous tools, they should be used responsibly and in moderation. Their usage could be compared to gambling responsibly, as this also takes discipline, but offers great rewards too.

Sign of the times Source: pixabay.com

The amount of times the targeted study group checked their phones is outrageously high, especially giving that this age group should be focusing on far more important things; namely their studies. The same study showed that a person who has switched their phone off takes in a great deal more information; around 62% more. This, in turn, translates to a student doing about 30% better in their schoolwork. Clearly, something needs to be done.

Hold – Rewards For Switching Off

3 Norwegian students created Hold, with the best intentions at heart. Seeing how their school mates suffered with constant phone distractions, they set out to create an app that not only encouraged students to put their phones away, but rewarded them in genuinely satisfying ways.

Putting the focus back into studying Source: Pixabay.com

When Hold is activated, it prevents all communication with the devices, and starts a timer. When the timer hits twenty minutes, a point is earned. If it still goes uninterrupted, the points begin to stack. And what can be earned with these points? Snacks, coffee, cinema tickets, and other great prizes. And the grand prize? A college scholarship from Dankse Bank.

How Well Is Hold Doing?

Hold has been one of the most successful applications for students in Norway, with global expansion planned in the near future. The adoption rate has been around 25% among students in Norway, or around 50,000 downloads in total, with the numbers rapidly growing on a daily basis. The developers of the app have gained an enormous $300,000 in backing, ensuring that the rest of the world will soon have access to this innovative application.

But how exactly have the creators of the application convinced major brands to give away free snacks, cinema tickets, and other awards to students? Simple; the deals are based around brand exposure. Companies such as Coca-Cola know that tech savvy students are increasingly difficult to advertise to, and about 50% use ad blockers to avoid having to face advertising when surfing the web. Hold allows these companies to get their products to students, and hopefully develop some sort of brand loyalty.

In other words, it’s a win/win situation, with big name brands and students both coming out of the deal smiling. Hopefully Hold will spread across the world, and help improve grades in colleges and schools everywhere.


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