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Discover The "Atlantis Of The East" In Treasures Of Lion City

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Treasures of the Lion City New Game, Spin Palace BlogSource: Pulse 8 Studios

There’s a reason so many children grow up with dreams of being deep sea divers. The pull of underwater treasure is strong. And for most of us, that dream continues into adulthood—even if it feels impossible to realize. We fantasize about finding Atlantis, diving down to visit the Titanic, or diving through shipwrecks to reach overflowing treasure chests.

Starting in just a few weeks, those fantasies will have a new place to live. I’m talking about Treasures of Lion City, a 5x3 online slot game with 25 fixed pay lines. This new game is built with a strong engine and everyone’s favorite slot feature—Rolling Reels. It goes live from Pulse 8 Studios on December 10, 2019.

Is the Lion City real?

Before you get to your online slot Lion City, you should know that a real version exists in China. Let’s take this opportunity to dive into history and learn something you can use to impress your friends. In 1959, the Chinese government decided to build a lake for a hydroelectric power station. They chose the Lion City, tucked between the Five Lion Mountains in the province of Zhejiang. Quickly, the government built a dam and the Lion City filled up with water. Now, that city is submerged under between 85 and 131 feet of water in a lake called Qiandao.

The lake has protected the city from wind, rain, and sun, so the entire city has been branded a ‘time capsule.’ Just about every building and archway remains intact, including wooden beams and stairs. From above the lake, you’d never know that what was once a bustling metropolis is resting underwater. Boats zoom around the islands in the middle of the lake and don’t even come close to touching the Lion City.

Pictures of the Lion City taken by divers reveal traditional Chinese statues built over 1,300 years ago. It’s a real life Atlantis, just like Plato wrote about almost 3,000 years ago. The coloring underwater looks all turquoise and gold, with spooky shadows where it looks like treasure could be right around the corner. It’s clear that this is exactly where Pulse 8 Studios got the inspiration for the new slot game, Treasures of Lion City. Feeling excited yet?

Treasures of the Lion City logo, New Game, Spin Palace BlogSource: Pulse 8 Studios

What will gameplay be like?

As the studio said in a press release, "With a straightforward gameplay and appealing features, Treasures of Lion City is easy to pick up for new and seasoned players who are looking for a exhilarating gaming experience." How does that sound?

Basically, when you open Treasures of Lion City, you’ll be met with a beautiful online casino game that’ll feel both fresh and comfortable.  Those 25 fixed pay lines we mentioned earlier always pay out left to right, and every win is multiplied by the per-line bet. The game pays out at 94.2% and has medium volatility for exciting gameplay. You’ll hit a little more than once for every five spins for 21.89% hit frequency. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive in to the features. Rolling Reels, widely seen as the best part of many online slot games, trigger on every single win. With this feature, winning symbols fade away, only to be replaced by new symbols. That can mean avalanches of wins on wins on wins.

The Win Meter is a special feature, which adds to the Rolling Reels you’re used to. When you hit multiple wins in a row through Rolling Reels, you’ll trigger special bonuses. On your first win, Symbol High 3 will turn Wild. On three and five wins, Symbol Highs 2 and 1, respectively, will turn wild.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. On seven, nine, and 11 wins, you’ll start to hit multipliers. Seven wins releases a 3x multiplier, nine wins unleashes a 9x win multiplier, and 11 wins with Rolling Reels gets you a remarkable 27x win multiplier.

Because you’re a big player, you’ll want to know all of the tricks to get the full potential out of the Win Meter. So, the first thing to know is that as soon as you hit a non-winning result, every symbol that turned wild during the Win Meter period goes back to a non-Wild symbol. Also, multipliers always apply to the next round of spins. And one more thing—just like with most Rolling Reels and Wilds, only the highest multiplier ever applies.

Get ready to play at Spin Palace

Much like the Titanic waiting under the sea, the Treasures of Lion City are waiting for you. On December 10 when you can finally open the game, you’ll be met with the peaks of underwater caves, a blue-green color palate, and gold that glitters under the sun. The buried Lion City will be yours on your computer screen. Get ready to play and find your own treasure!

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