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Holding Out For A Hero!

Entertainment, Gambling

Diamond Force logo; Spin Palace BlogSource: Crazy Tooth Studios

Who doesn’t fantasise about becoming a superhero and saving the world? Those childhood dreams become reality in Diamond Force, a five-reel slot game that lets you experience what it feels like to step into these iconic roles. On April 14, 2020, Crazy Tooth Studios debuts this innovative game which combines cutting-edge visuals and sound effects, with a story that draws players in, creating a unique gaming experience that players will love. Throw in brilliantly innovative special features and sleek, seamless gameplay and you have an idea of exactly what Diamond Force has to offer!

At Spin Palace Online Casino, you can play this new game that centres around four heroes, each with their own striking appearance and intriguing personality. Your heroic mission – if you choose to accept it – is to match symbols across the game’s five reels. The symbols include each of the four colourful heroes, which can be distinguished from each other by their blue, green, red and purple attire, as well as your standard ace, king, queen and jacks and wild symbols. Match three or more of these symbols together and you’ll be one step closer to saving the day and proving your worth as a superhero!

Teaming Up

While some superheroes are solitary in their missions, others prefer to team up and take on the bad guys together. Crazy Tooth Studios have realised that teamwork makes the dream work, which is where their Team-Up feature comes into play.

At random points in the game, special Full Stack symbols will appear on the screen. If a player matches three or four of these together, the Team-Up feature is activated. As a result, four Team-Up reels are created; these can contain multiplier bonuses and new combinations. With the reels taking on various forms at random, this keeps the game fresh and highlights the importance of heroes working together.

Teaming up has further benefits for players with the Team-Up Bonus Spins part of the game. If you land a Full Stack scatter symbol and two or more Full Stack feature symbols together, you will be rewarded with three free spins to play again.

A Feast for the Eyes

Comic books overflowing with vibrant colours and superhero films that are bursting with dazzling special effects – we’ve come to expect incredible visuals from our superheroes. Diamond Force does not disappoint in that regard!

The first thing players notice when they play Diamond Force is the kaleidoscope of colours on every screen. Each of the four main superheroes is represented by a different colour, which helps the player to distinguish between them and provides an eye-catching visual. Each of the characters has their own personality, back story and power, which are brought to life with comic book touches and animations. Take the Team-Up reels visual sequence. When this is activated, we get to see the hero in action, with a dazzling display of their own unique powers. This adds a sense of action to the game, which reminds one of the famous comic book movies that delight movie-goers every year.

Diamond Force; Spin Palace BlogSource: Crazy Tooth Studios

The setting of the game is a character in itself. Everyone knows Gotham City, the famous home of Batman and a cavalcade of dastardly villains. Similarly, Metropolis is the backdrop for Superman’s many run-ins with Lex Luthor. Yes, every hero has their stomping ground, a major city that they keep free from crime and injustice and Diamond Force’s team is no exception. The breath-taking cityscape provides the background for the five-reel action, giving the game a real sense of place and grounding the story for players.

Music to a Player’s Ears

With all of that focus on the game’s visual appeal, it would be a shame to let sound fall by the wayside, but, fortunately, Diamond Force does not disappoint! Taking the famous scores of many classic superhero movies as a source of inspiration, Crazy Tooth Studios has managed to create something that is at once familiar and fresh, innovative yet timeless. There is no denying how epic it sounds, both in scope and quantity, but it also ebbs and flows with the action of the game. Everything kicks into high gear when team-ups occur, with the music reaching its crescendo just as the game reaches its most heroic peak. Combine this with the visuals and the gameplay and you’ve got the recipe for a veritable blockbuster!

Assemble the Diamond Force

Thanks to Crazy Tooth Studios expert development, Diamond Force can be played on both a desktop or a mobile device, meaning you can take the adventure with you when you’re out and about. Add in the wide range of languages supported and you have a game that appeals to everyone. With an enticing story, fascinating characters and state-of-the-art features, not to mention ahead-of-their-time graphics and sound effects, Diamond Force is soon to be the superhero team on everybody’s lips!

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