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What Not To Do In A Live Dealer Game

Marc Armstrong EN

what not to do in a live dealer gameFalling deeply, madly in love with a gorgeous Brazilian live dealer is one of the high points of my life. From her classy attire, to the seductive way in which she let the roulette wheel spin, I knew that her and I had a real connection. I was all but certain our union was written in the stars, but just had to find the right way to introduce myself into her life.

The obvious way was to declare my burning, fiery passion in the chat window, and so set about typing up the message that would solidify our future. Using all the really big words I knew, I committed myself to text, and let the message fly. We are now married, have two children, and a house at the seaside. We still play roulette sometimes, just to relive the magic that brought us together.

That last part is a lie. I was banned from the casino, and told never to return. Which brings me to the point; I’m going to tell you what NOT to do in a live dealer game, even if Gabriella (probably not her real name) is stirring a longing in your loins.

The Situation Is Flammable

Being a live dealer cannot be an easy job. Having dozens, if not hundreds of eyes watching you must be extremely intimidating. Plus, the detachment of the viewers from the dealer is a very funny thing indeed. People get very bold when they feel they are anonymous, as anyone reading the comments section of YouTube will know, and the situation can get out of hand very quickly.

Add to that the fact that players will often have to deal with losing money, and what you have is a very flammable situation. Tempers can run high, and people can say some rather regrettable things. This is the Internet, and it does happen.

Thankfully, casino croupiers are very professional people, and will always handle flammable situations very well. Which is more than can be said for the comments section of YouTube.

Decency Is Just Polite

Now, in my personal experience in live dealer games, there have been very few instances of players getting out of control. On the contrary, most seem to be polite, friendly, and even surprisingly witty. It’s a good online way to enjoy casino games, and certainly a lot of fun.

The times a player did get rude, which has only been two in total, the dealer was extremely professional about it, and simply told the player he was not welcome if he used bad language. After again being rude, the player was banned from the casino, and the remaining players made jokes about how silly the situation had been.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but being rude to a live dealer will almost certainly not win you points with the humans in your immediate vicinity. In fact, the exact opposite is likely to happen. And may I suggest that there are video games out there that offer stress relief. You know whom I’m talking to, don’t act all coy.

Don’t Blame The Casino

The second time a player got rude, and I have to say I can understand his frustration, was due to the player losing connection at a crucial moment. It seems the poor follow had the lousy luck of his connection being dropped, right before he placed his bet and the ball was dropped into the wheel. Indeed, it must have been annoying.

But, taking it out on the dealer was certainly not the correct response to the bad luck. Live dealer casinos have impeccable service, in my experience, and are well aware of how annoying a dropped signal is. A bad connection is almost certainly not the fault of the casino, but the service provider, or setup of the user.

Either way, the fellow felt it was in his right to attack the poor lady running the roulette game. She apologised, but he wasn’t having any of it. She even said if he contacted customer support that they’d help him avoid the problem in the future. He continued his barrage of insults, and was banned.

Don’t Fall For The Dealers

Yes, we’ve all fallen in love with a live dealer from time to time, but I can tell you now, it will all end in tears. She will fall for her ski instructor, take half of everything you own, and leave you with naught but tears to lull you to sleep.

I’m being funny, of course, but it really isn’t polite to try and flirt with the dealer. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine how awkward it must be to get random messages from faceless strangers. Flattering? Really, you think so? Cover yourself in steak, put a blindfold on, and go running through a frenzied dog enclosure, and see how much you enjoy it. It’s roughly the same thing.

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