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When Are You Officially A High Roller?

Marc Armstrong EN

I admit that there is something very appealing about the idea of rolling up at the local casino in a sports car. Upon climbing from the sports car, which would have those doors that do the weird opening upwards thing, as apposed to sideways, because I’m pretty sure that means its a special car even in sports car terms, a horde of people would go scrambling about, seeing to my every whim.

An insanely attractive woman would lead me to my reserved gambling table, and I would proceed to make bets so big that each would result in a series of gasps from onlookers. I mean, really, what screams that you’ve made it in life more than a car with weird doors, combined with a personal chorus of gasping onlookers? Very little.

The term high roller, or whale, is used in casino lingo to identify a person of the above mentioned persuasion. High rollers are big news in the casino world, and rightly so, since it is the high rollers that often keep casino doors open. Hearing the amounts of money that some high rollers drop at a table, in a single sitting, is utterly mind blowing, and I’m fairly sure that an entire casino could support itself for months on even a single one of these bets.

But, I asked myself, when is a person officially a high roller? At what point, exactly, does the casino start assigning a personal entourage? I’m not saying I’m on the verge of buying a car with weird doors or anything, but is there a casino checklist?

High Roller Personality

I am honestly fascinated by the idea of a casino high roller. Having more money is a very weird concept, especially where the casino world is concerned. Putting down a bigger bet doesn’t sway the odds one way or the other, it simply means you have more to win or lose.

If you follow gambling strategies, they simply refer to placing down units of currency as wagers. That this unit might be one dollar, or ten thousand dollars, doesn’t really matter. The statistics remain the same, which means the chances of winning remain the same. You win a bit, you lose a bit, and hope to come out on top with more than when you started. In high roller terms, turn your starting amount of one hundred thousand dollars, into one hundred and one thousand dollars, and so on. I fail to believe that there are high rollers out there who approach a gambling game with ten million dollars as a starting amount, and put down hundred thousand dollar bets as a single unit of currency.

So, how is it that so many stories exist of high rollers losing millions on a single bet?

That, for me personally, is where the concept of a “high roller” really starts to get interesting. If the high roller played a gambling game with any sense, enormous once off losses would not occur. This means, as far as I can tell, that certain high rollers are going into casinos, making outrageous, once off bets on games of chance, and risking the whole amount.

A Real High Roller

In doing my research for this blog, I realised that there are two kinds of high rollers. If you want to be called a “high roller,” one of the mythical ones who drop tens of millions in a single sitting, what you need to do is lose any concept you had of the value of currency. You need to become so madly out of touch with the world, that you would put down ten million dollars on a single roll of the roulette wheel, for example. And, I have to say; I have no idea how a person so out of touch with the value of money managed to get so rich in the first place.

The other kind of “high roller” is simply a person that plays at a higher financial level. They have a bit of money to spare, regardless of how much it is, and play casino games as a normal person would, hoping to walk away with more than when they arrived. This I fully understand, but couldn’t tell you what the betting amounts would have to be for you to be referred to as a “high roller.” I’m guessing when you sit at the “high stakes” table; that makes you a “high roller,” technically.

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