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Opting Out - Why Fewer Women are Having Children

The adults who don’t want to have children Source: Pixabay

Overpopulation is a problem all over the world. More people means more required resources, and there really are only so many resources to go around. However, it has recently been revealed that fewer people than ever before are actively trying to have children, to such an extent that it can be called a growing phenomenon.

Recent studies for residents of the United States highlighted the situation, with numbers that told a clear story. In 1945 just 9% of women had never had a child. A very interesting statistic, given that it states a staggering 91% of women were having children. But, by the time the 1970’s came around this number had risen from 9% to 15%.

So it seems clear that less people are having children. But why? Is it due to choices being made, or is it due to unavoidable circumstances?

Choice Or Circumstances?

A browse of the Internet will reveal one thing very quickly; people are more conscious about the environment, situation of the world at large, and the uncertain future of the human race than ever before. It seems that there is a growing concern about events unfolding globally, and people are more concerned than ever before about where we might all be in a decade or two. In other words, there is a growing perception of ‘Do I want my children growing up in this world?’

Likewise, a number of Reddit threads reveal more people simply stating that having children is simply not for them. Online forum after online forum reveals couples plainly stating that they are not willing to give up their freedom, and solace for raising children. Admittedly, the freedom of not having children lets adults do exactly what they want, when they want, and they can travel at will, play pokies at Spin Palace casino whenever they desire, or eat cornflakes in bed at 3am if they choose to. And, more to the point, these same people declare that ‘baby fever’ simply did not occur in their lives. So, for the most part, it seems the decline in births, worldwide, is a matter of choice.

A Growing Trend

And it seems that the trend in couples deciding to remain childfree is only growing. A number of popular bloggers and YouTube personalities are joining in on the decision, and taking to the Internet to explain their choice.

Jenny Mustard, a 31 year old lifestyle blogger, recently posted a video featuring herself talking at length about the subject. She stated that, at the end of the day, it had not been so much of a decision for her, as simply accepting who she was at heart. Her words about being more of a ‘puppy and kitten’ person, rather than a baby person, did earn her harsh backlash, however.

The general consensus from her fans was that she would regret the decision later, when having children was no longer an option. Mustard responded to this by saying that she did not make lifestyle choices based on what society thinks she should or shouldn’t do.

Future Regret?

So the decision to live childfree may be frowned upon by many, with a common response being that these people will regret the decision in the future, when having children is no longer possible. But is having children ever really impossible in this day and age, bar anything but the couple entering into their late senior years? There’s IVF, adoption and surrogates for those who miss the boat and change their minds at a later date.

Either way, a recent study in which ten couples that had decided to live life childfree were asked about their path revealed an interesting trend; none regretted their choice at all. And, in fact, all 10 stood by the choice, even as they neared their 80s. This may be a small sample size, and could hardly stand as a definitive result, but the study was revealing none the less.

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