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What is Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Betting System?

Casino News

Originally used for craps games, Oscar’s Grind is a betting system that has become popular among blackjack players. It is uncomplicated, it is suitable for beginners and, best of all, it’s a positive progression system.

It is also known as the Pluscoup Progression and as Hoyle’s Press. It works on the assumption that, in the long term, players experience a losing streak that is followed later by a winner streak.

If that does turn out to be so, players who use the system should recover their losses and amass several smaller payouts.

There are no guarantees that this will happen, just like there are no gameplay strategies that could guarantee you will beat the dealer. That said, we still think it is a great choice for beginners and experienced players who want to use a betting system when they play blackjack.

Origins of Oscar’s Grind

We probably know as much about the Oscar of Oscar’s Grind as you do. No one seems to know just who Oscar was.

Some commentators have suggested that Oscar is the collective name for the group of craps players that put the finishing touches on the system. Whoever Oscar was, the betting system does not seem to be particularly old, as it is originally mentioned in the Casino Gambler’s Guide, a 1956 book by Allan Wilson.

The ‘Grind’ part of the name comes from gambling lingo. When a player grinds, they aim to make numerous small wins at a casino, rather than aiming for a couple of massive jackpots.

+ and - Progression Systems

As we mentioned, being a positive progression betting system is one of the reasons Oscar’s Grind is becoming the favourite system of many who play mobile or online blackjack. Systems like this are very different to negative progression systems such as the Martingale.

When you use a positive progression system, the only time you increase the size of your bets is when you win games. If the system had a negative progression, you would need to increase the size of your bet every time the dealer defeats you.

How to Use Oscar’s Grind

Before you start using Oscar’s Grind betting system when you play blackjack, you need to work out a betting range. The system starts with a minimum bet that will need to increase in size, provided you win the rounds you play.

Bearing in mind that most players double their bets when they win while using the system, you should begin with a bet that won’t become too unmanageable if you do hit a winning streak.

For clarity’s sake, let’s say that you decide to start off by betting 1 chip. Whether you win or lose that round, your next bet should also be 1 chip.

Presuming you win the third round, your next bet will then need to be 2 chips. If you go on to win the fourth round, your next bet will be 4 chips.

If you lose the fifth round, you will need to return to betting 1 chip until you beat the dealer again.

The system is not designed to bring in massive winnings in one go. Instead, it is supposed to provide comfortable betting that could result in a series of smaller profits, adding up to a decent amount of money.

Strategy to Improve Winning

Combining a positive progression blackjack betting system, such as Oscar’s Grind, with sound strategy really could put you on the path to becoming a formidable player. It is worth learning what you can about making the best moves you can with the cards in your hand.

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