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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Relive The 80s With The Electric Avenue!

Electric Avenue Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Are you yearning for the days of big hair and perms, Duran Duran, shoulder pads, head bands, Ray-Bans, and Tom Cruise? Do you long for like SEGA, Atari and NES featuring games with bright colours, rhythmic synth music and pixelated letters and images? We totally get it, man. That is why we’re so pleased to announce the arrival of the Electric Avenue slot game, which is designed to capture the spirit of the 1980s! What’s more, Spin Palace is the only which has been granted exclusive pre-launch access to the game before its release! So join in the revelry for one month beginning from 12 May 2020. To paraphrase Mr. T, we pity the fool who miss this amazing opportunity! What Is Electric Avenue? Electric Avenue is a 6-reel and 4-row slot game produced by indie game developer All41 Studios exclusively for Microgaming. The game was developed to expand Microgaming’s retro-themed slots portfolio as well as to introduce a game which offers multiple free spin ...Continue reading

Gambling Innovations: Cryptos & Online Wallets

Crypto rising; Spin Palace Blog

Most people would believe that any innovation made within the industry would be applicable only to that industry. However, the notion that technology fits only within its sphere of influence or interest would be quite incorrect. Technological wonders, breakthroughs and  inventions have often transcended their requirements and in many cases have wound up being used for something completely different than originally intended for.  The microwave, an oven we simply cannot do without these days, was originally the by-product of a military invention, an accidental one too. In the case of the online casino industry, the innovations founded within it have changed the face of internet banking.  Technologies designed to let players manage their finances and winnings in a safe and private capacity have spilt over into the conventional banking sector. Neteller, an online web-wallet originally conceived and made exclusively for the transferring of casino funds from and to ...Continue reading

Pre-Release Exclusive of Lucky Riches Hyperspins

Lucky Riches Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Spin Palace is proud to announce that Microgaming’s latest online slot game, Lucky Riches Hyperspins, will be available exclusively on Spin Casino starting from 7 April 2020. For one whole month, you can experience Microgaming’s most exciting game of 2020 at the best in town! So tell your neighbours and sing to your friends – Lucky Riches Hyperspins is coming to town! Overview of Lucky Riches Hyperspins Lucky Riches Hyperspins is a 5 x 3 spinning reels slot game developed by Slingshot Studios, an independent game studio which develops games exclusively for Microgaming. The game theme revolves around a rich opulent lifestyle characterised by bold, bright colours with a faded cityscape serving as the backdrop. 3D letters, numbers, casino chips, bells and dice are used as reel symbols to give a casino-like feel to the game. The beautiful golden borders provide the game with an added touch of luxury. No one will be the least surprised if you feel the urge to put on ...Continue reading

Holding Out For A Hero!

Diamond Force logo; Spin Palace Blog

Who doesn’t fantasise about becoming a superhero and saving the world? Those childhood dreams become reality in Diamond Force, a five-reel that lets you experience what it feels like to step into these iconic roles. On April 14, 2020, Crazy Tooth Studios debuts this innovative game which combines cutting-edge visuals and sound effects, with a story that draws players in, creating a unique gaming experience that players will love. Throw in brilliantly innovative special features and sleek, seamless gameplay and you have an idea of exactly what Diamond Force has to offer! At Spin Palace Online Casino, you can play this new game that centres around four heroes, each with their own striking appearance and intriguing personality. Your heroic mission – if you choose to accept it – is to match symbols across the game’s five reels. The symbols include each of the four colourful heroes, which can be distinguished from each other by their blue, green, red and purple ...Continue reading

A Blast From the Past!

Anderthals; Spin Palace Blog

Imagine a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. A time when lush forests and dense jungles covered the land. A time when incredible beasts soared through the sky and lapped in the rivers. Now, think about what it would have been like for a human in that time. Probably a lot like the lives of Andy and Annie Anderthal, the charming cavemen at the heart of Anderthals. This five-reel transports the player back in time and lets them experience the world through the eyes of two fun-loving Neanderthals. The Anderthals keep T-rexes as pets and enjoy nothing more than a roaring fire and succulent meat on the bone. Anderthals has been developed by Studios as an immersive and, above all, fun slot game. It is bursting with bright colours, ear-candy music and innovative special features. The goal is simple – match three or more symbols to score points. But the game is packed full of surprises, from wilds and multipliers to chances to spin again, that capture the wild sense of adventure ...Continue reading

Playing For Gold In Mining Fever

Mining Fever logo; Spin Palace Blog

Ever wish you had the Midas touch? Well, you might not want everything you touch to turn to gold, but none of us would say no to a little extra shine in our lives! If you’re looking for adventure and want to see what lies hidden deep inside magical mines, then you’ll love Mining Fever, coming soon to your favorite ! Mining For Gold And Striking Luck On March 31, you can enjoy a new and exciting video slot game at Spin Palace Casino—so mark it on your calendar with a gold star! Mining Fever is a thrilling game that follows characters Thundar, Driler and Bombur, three dwarves who are not afraid to look in the face of danger on their quest for fame and fortune in the golden mines. When you play, you can join the three fearless adventurers as they get a taste of what the mines have to offer. In this game, all that glitters is in fact gold! Golden Gifts Galore Mining Fever is filled with cool features that keep the fun going and going. It’s a video slot ...Continue reading

Skipping Egg-Hunting To Find Real Treasure

Treasure Skyland logo; Spin Palace Blog

With Easter holidays well on their way and little bunnies gearing up for good-old egg hunting, can a new game coming to your favourite on March 24th really take the shine? This new and exciting game is just the right kind of sweetness with adventure and possible winnings included. Just imagine you’re a pirate monkey and have yellow-gold bananas lurking somewhere in the horizon waiting for you to find and devour them, with incredible prizes along the way. So you can skip egg-hunting to find the real treasure in this adventurous game. What Gaming Dreams Are Made Of Get set for the ultimate adventure in Treasure Skyland. With three monkeys adventuring through the floating islands in search for a banana utopia, it’s going to be an electrifying journey that’ll feel like it’s being led by Jack Sparrow. With this new game from , you can hunt for yellow-gold bananas that may lead to big rewards. Treasure Skyland is a consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines, ...Continue reading

5 Online Casino Innovations

Innovation lights up the world; Spin Palace Blog

especially in the gaming and entertainment industry. What keeps online casino games from getting boring is that the top developers are always ahead of the game, constantly coming up with inventive means of keeping their fans entertained. At the same time, the industry as a whole has benefited a lot from innovations in other areas that aren’t as obvious. There’s a lot behind the hood of a popular gambling hub like Online than meets the eye! Find out more below. Gambling Innovations: Intellectual Property What better way is there to attract the attention of the customer, than by basing your product on something the customer already likes? Established franchises, singers, movies, actors – famous things and famous people almost always make the sale of a product better, hence the mega endorsement deals that often ensue in the world of sport and celebrities.  And let’s face it, there have been loads of endorsement deals over the years; George Clooney and ...Continue reading

Play Better At Online Casinos By Using E-Books

The best gambling e-books to learn about online casinos are now just a tap away. Image courtesy of Pixabay; Spin Palace Blog

E-books have been causing massive disruptions in the traditional publishing industry over the last decade. This should come as no surprise, really, considering that e-books are inherently superior products compared to printed books. They are accessible round-the-clock from anywhere, offer superior portability and provide greater savings. They are also more environmentally friendly. So take advantage of the convenience of e-books by reading and learning some new tricks from our recommended list of below – they might help you try out new strategies or provide some inspiration on your next visit to Spin Palace’s ! Casino Gambling for Dummies by Kevin Blackwood The Dummies series breaks down complicated topics into easy to understand, bite-size pieces – and it’s no different with this book. Written by biblical scholar turned professional blackjack and poker player Kevin Blackwood, Casino Gambling for Dummies provides a crash course in the mechanics of popular ...Continue reading

Brilliant Platform Gamifying Language Learning!

Duolingo promo; Spin Palace Blog

Recently, we shared an article with you about travelling, and for a successful and smooth journey, it’s a good idea to speak at least a little bit of the language spoken in the country of your destination. And while you are taking a break from your hard work learning the language, why not treat yourself to a quick game at your favourite ? About Duolingo is the new language learning platform, widely touted as “the best new way to learn a language”. It turns boring learning-by-rote on its head, and makes learning fun and addictive. The principle of it is gamifying knowledge – you will have an avatar, earn points for correct answers, play little games within the platform to race the clock and improve. Language learning website & App Each lesson is structured like a fun, easy short game. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or , making it very versatile. You can then play the game at a bus stop, during your morning commute or while ...Continue reading

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