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Potential Futures for Mobile Technology

We’re seeing exponential growth in the mobile industry and it really seems as if the sky’s the limit! While incredible experiences are now possible on smartphones and tablets that feature unbelievable visual displays, audio effects and processing powers, this really is only the beginning.

As we move towards a world that incorporates wearables, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in thrilling new ways, so our every need and function is blended together more seamlessly. Not only will mobile casinos and every other app be accessible anywhere, the full versions of every programme and experience will be at your disposal.

**Wearables **

For the time being, predictions are that fitness and health bands will stay at the top of the Wearables food chain. They’re the most widely-used technology today – though, smartwatches are not uncommon – and the next generation should all be untethered, making them much more compatible with daily life.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets are already here. Hardcore gamers still consider tethered models such as the Oculus Rift the gold standard, however, for those who don’t require such powerful processing capabilities, untethered options like the Samsung Gear are where it’s at.

Wearable technology in the medical field is also big news today, with devices that monitor your heart rate, blood sugar level and a host of other functions, sending all the information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Other creative applications thrive, such as the bracelet created by a group of MIT students to help regulate your body temperature. By sensing the temperature of your skin and then warming up or cooling down accordingly, the bracelet affects your overall temperature and helps you stay more comfortable.

**Augmented Reality **

While Virtual Reality creates entire new worlds in front of your eyes, Augmented Reality layers new information onto the world that you can see with the naked eye. The applications for this are suited to daily mobile use in a way that Virtual Reality and wearables like a heating and cooling bracelet might not be. In fact, Augmented Reality is expected to outpace Virtual Reality and account for 75% of the market by 2019.

We’ve already seen how popular Augmented Reality can be with 2016’s Pokémon Go game, and applications such as holding your phone up to an office block and seeing a directory of all businesses within are just around the corner. Augmented Reality exists on phones and headsets today – but what if this technology was blended together?

**A New Reality **

All major stakeholders in the Virtual and Augmented Reality game still have a shot, and it really is anybody’s guess who will come out on top. With everyone working to produce new headsets and capabilities, the most exciting prospects might be the headgear that replaces smartphones and potentially even desktop computers.

Imagine wearing headgear that allowed you to see and work on a virtual keyboard, with words that appeared in a virtual document, placed a set of casino games and tables in front of you, or positioned creatures that you could catch directly in your line of vision without a telephone interface. Better yet, imagine all of this happening on soft-lens contact lenses that were sitting directly on your eyeball!

The future of mobile seems to clearly be wearables, and the capabilities seem limited only by what we can think of. Virtual Reality already recreates the experience of vegging out in front of the TV with the Samsung Gear Netflix app, and more and more will become possible. Every aspect of mobile applications is expected to change in the next few years.

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