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Preferred Casino Game By Gender

Marc Armstrong EN

I’d be lying if I said talking about gender preference these days, in whatever fashion, didn’t make me nervous. It seems like the world is haunted by social justice warriors and furious feminists, lurking behind every tree, waiting to leap out and tear me limb from limb, dare I say even one thing that might be taken as offensive. So, just to be safe, here’s a disclaimer; I’ll be talking about casino game preference based on gender statistics. I would never, God forgive me for even entertaining the thought, suggest that a man or woman is not capable of playing any casino game they wish. Again; I’m talking based entirely on statistics. Thank you for leaving my limbs attached.

Now, with that out of the way, let me talk about a slot game I was playing recently. The theme of the game was based around a collection of cows, all of which were posed in various representations of swooning ladies. The central character of the game was a bull. Or, to be more specific, an anthropomorphic bull, extremely muscular, and striking a classic body builder pose. This game, I concluded very quickly, although being well designed, was clearly not aimed at me.

Realising this, I started to wonder what exactly the statistics were of casino preference according to gender. And, being a person who is easily fascinated by pie charts, graphs, and important looking number tables, I decided to do some research.

Slot Games – For The Ladies

The first thing I learned, very quickly, was that slot games are massively preferred by the female of the species. In fact, some of the statistics I looked at showed that as much as 80% of all slot game players were female. And, as it turns out, this trend has existed since slot games first started becoming casino favourites, way back in the 1960s. And, since casinos largely rely on slot games for the bulk of their income, it’s safe to say that casinos live and breathe on their female players!

Colour me surprised, because this was not something I had considered before. But, with this in mind, I did start to realise just how many slot games were designed to appeal to ladies. There is a staggering amount of central handsome male characters in slot games. Although, of course, there are also plenty of neutral slot games that generically appeal to both genders, according to tried and tested formulas.

But, where are all the male casino game players, I asked myself.

Table Games – For The Gents

Remember what you promised about leaving my limbs attached? Thank you.

It turns out that classic table games are largely dominated by a male audience, to almost the exact opposite extreme. Poker players are up to 90% male, and the same statistic can be seen with blackjack, baccarat, and to a slightly lesser extent, roulette. Watching professional poker, I have noticed a low number of female players, but for a few key female players, all of which are extremely talented.

But the bizarre thing is this; video poker players are still almost entirely female. Why this is I couldn’t really tell you, but the statistics are what they are. I really do have a gigantic question mark over my head about it. I decided to do some research.

Cringing From Potential Limb Loss

Upon reading some of the opinions as to why there are not as many female poker players as male, I threw back my head and laughed several times, mostly because I could imagine some of those limb removers, already mentioned, sharpening their swords in anticipation.

Some comments I read said that men are more traditionally better at maths and logic, which made me burst out laughing for a number of reasons. I am astonishingly awful at maths, and am often reduced to counting on my fingers when invoice sending day comes round. Another suggested that men are better at controlling their emotions, which I refuse entirely to make any suggestions on, whatsoever.

At this point the comment conversation I was reading, which had consisted of people desperately trying to tread on eggshells with their opinions, descended into chaos, and so I stopped reading. Either way, the statistics remain what they are, and what the reasons are for it, I really, honestly, can’t say. As I already mentioned, the majority of video poker players remain female. Make of that what you will.

Gender Neutral Casino Games

I did my best to try and find a few gender neutral casino games, and the closest I could find was bingo. Interestingly, it is almost the only casino game where the gender preferences are close to being equal, although swaying more in favour of female players. Why, again, I don’t know. Although I have a theory that some crafty guys realised that playing bingo was a great way to meet ladies, and snuck into the statistics.

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