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A True Casino Experience

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Real Roulette with BaileySource: Microgaming

If you want to see the latest in online gaming, then don’t miss out on playing Real Roulette with Bailey, a video experience. It’s out now at Spin Casino, joining your other favorite online games like poker, blackjack, online roulette, and online slots. Come meet your beautiful new host!

Bringing video roulette to life

Real Roulette with Bailey makes the at-home roulette experience better than ever before by introducing a real-life host! Using the latest in video technology and a professional crew and actress, Real Roulette with Bailey brings your favorite game to life. You’ll enjoy all the features you know and love, but with the experience of having your own private host.

If you’ve always dreamed of playing at the most exclusive table in an upscale casino, then this is your chance to bring that experience home. Bailey, your stunning host, is always waiting with a smile to welcome you to the table. Find out if she’s the lucky charm you’ve been waiting for!

Real Roulette with Bailey was created by Real Dealer Studios, who take online gaming to the next level with the latest in cinematography to provide a unique gaming experience. While you play, your host Bailey will call out your bets and interact with you one-on-one.

You can play on mobile for a convenience, or have a full screen experience when you play on a desktop. Either way, you’ll love the quality of the sound and visuals, and seamless streaming. Plus, there’s no problem resuming the game if you have any interruptions.

A great game play experience

Bailey isn’t just a pretty face—she’s also a great dealer! Enjoy error-free dealing and interaction when you play Real Roulette with Bailey. You can play on a standard roulette table, or switch things up and play on the Racetrack Bets table instead. This alternative table layout lets you play from a different selection of bets. Just press the Racetrack button and you have access to this special feature.

Real Roulette with Bailey makes your favorite game even more convenient, too. If you have a lucky bet that you always like to make, it’s easy to set Favourite Bets. Just press the Favourite Bets button in the game and you’ll be able to configure up to six bets. Configure your chip placement and bet amount so you can easily use these saved bets by touching a button on the main game screen.

You’ll also have easy access to popular special bets. From the Favourites screen, you can see a selection of common roulette bets, like Red or Black Splits, as well as unique bets like Volsins du Zero and Orphelins. Or, choose the Random 7 special bet when you’re feeling lucky.

Real roulette with Bailey; Spin Palace BlogSource: Microgaming

Stay up to date on statistics

Real Dealer Studios know that roulette players love to know stats while they play—so they built it right into the game! You can easily access your statistics at any time from the home screen. You’ll see hit percentages by column, thirds, halves, odd/even, and red/black. You can even see the distribution for each number during the last 100 spins.

The game also gives you convenient graphics to visualize statistics, and calls out hot and cold numbers. You can use statistics to help you choose your next moves, or just review the day’s game. And, you’ll see your winnings at the bottom of the screen so you know how your lucky numbers have been doing for you!

You can also choose from a wide range of possible bet sizes, from a minimum bet of 0.25 up to a maximum of 125 for when you’re feeling lucky. With the max bet, you can win up to 64,500 when you play Real Roulette with Bailey! The game has a total hit frequency of 48.65% and low volatility.

Your casino experience is waiting

Whenever you want to play roulette, whether you want a quick couple games when you’re feeling lucky or you’re having a relaxing game night, you can count on your host Bailey being there to join you! She’s always ready to dazzle whenever you’re ready to play! You’ll love the familiarity and commentary that come along with having a real host, making you feel like you’re playing in the room of your favorite on-land casino…without ever having to leave home!

Come see the hottest new trend in online roulette, available now at select online casinos. Don’t settle for anything less than the best gaming experience! Come play at Spin Casino and show Bailey your lucky streak.

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