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Slots That Sum Up Your Personality

Slots That Sum Up Your Personality

People choose everything in their daily lives based on their personality. Many psychologists have debated how exactly to classify our emotion according to our personalities and how this explains our actions.

What better way to investigate our inner workings than to try to understand them through the lens of online slots. Below are some popular forms of online slot games and how they relate to your personality.

Slots Games with Bonuses

Slots that feature added bonus rounds or symbols are the most common type of online slot game you will find, with good reasons. Bonus slot games feature one or more special bonus roundS within the game. These bonus rounds can be unlocked randomly or as a prize for lining up three or more symbols on the pay lines.

These bonus games will take the player to a new screen and developers can include many unique styles of games in this round. You can find yourself shooting down UFOs, trying to uncover buried treasure or even fighting mythical monsters.

Bonus slots are great for people who want a bit of variety in their casino game experience. These are usually casual slot players who are just in it for some fun. Bonus slot players are fun loving and enjoy surprises.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are based on the principle that if everybody gave a tiny bit of food, someone, somewhere is going to have a feast. Progressive slots are a popular form of online slot where multiple games are linked to a central database.

Every time a player of a game on those networks wins, a small percentage of their winning amount goes to a progressive jackpot sum. This sum keeps growing and growing the more people play. This jackpot can be awarded randomly to any player on the game at that time or you may need to land a certain set of symbols on the reels to win the jackpot.

Progressive slot machines are for players who believe that one day they really will strike it lucky. Someone has to win the massive jackpot, and it may as well be them. If you play progressive slots you’re more than likely to believe that life hanging wins are out there, and that you’ve seen other players reap the rewards and want to try to do so yourself!

Classic Slot Machines

Classic Slot Machines are purely for the slot purist. Classic slot machines were the first slot machine around and often still called fruit machines due to the symbols on the reels often being various fruits.

Classic slot games feature, more often than not, a single payline, which requires you to match three symbols for a payout. There may be a wild symbol included but there is rarely a special bonus symbol or scatter symbols.

A common feature of classic fruit machines is that you can increase the win amounts on the game’s pay table by wagering higher and higher amounts on spins.

Classic slot players like to keep things simple. They are often focussed and driven people who know that the harder they work, the more they put in, the bigger the rewards will be.

Multi Payline Slot Machines

Multi payline slots are online slot games that can feature hundreds or even a thousand possible winning combinations, rather than the standard set of fixed pay lines.

These slots are for people who want to break the mould and have freedom of choice, a freedom of fate. Multi payline slot players like to feel in control and that they are bending the odds in their favour.

Even though certain slot games seem to attract certain personality types, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the entire library of Spin Palace slot games. You will find progressive slots, classic slots and video slots with brilliant bonus features at your fingertips!

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