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Stephen Hawking’s Legacy

Mitchell Toys tribute to Stephen Hawking Source: youtube.com

Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away, aged 76. Known globally for being one of the brightest minds of the current era, what made the man even more remarkable is that he managed to overcome a debilitating disease, which left him bound to a wheelchair for most of his adult life. Multiple institutes around the world have sent heartfelt wishes to the Hawking family.

But, of course, Hawking will not be quickly forgotten. In his years as a scientist, cosmologist, mathematician, and astronomer, Hawking shook up belief systems around the world, constantly seeking answers to the many unexplained mysteries of the universe. He was an avid gambler and apparently enjoyed a game or two at an online casino, and loved placing strange bets with other physicists. Plus, he penned the highly acclaimed book “A Brief History of Time,” which has sold over ten million copies around the world.

Battling A Crippling Condition

Professor Hawking was struck by Lou Gehrig’s disease when he was only 21, which quickly resulted in him being bound to a motorised wheelchair. Being almost entirely paralysed, only a few fingers on one hand maintained mobility, which he used to manipulate the controls of his wheelchair, and electronic communication computer.

Hawking’s mind was still as sharp as it had ever been, however, he quickly made broad strides in the world of academia. Many breakthroughs and advancements were made with theories and studies he put forward, notably a merging of Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum theory. The conclusion of his studies suggested that if the universe had begun with a Big Bang, it would end with a final, cataclysmic black hole.

A Brief History Of Time

One of the most noted achievements of Professor Hawking was his book, A Brief History of Time. The book has sold over ten million copies worldwide, and continues to be a popular work in many learning institutes. The book is noted for tackling complicated theories and studies of how the universe came to be, and presenting them in easier to digest and understand language.

Available in multiple different languages, as well as in audiobook form, A Brief History of Time is considered to be essential for anyone looking to enter into scientific studies, or simply for those who seek a deeper understanding of the universe. Copies of a Brief History of Time are available at any library, or in bookstores, real world and digital.

An Icon Remembered

Professor Stephen Hawking will be remembered not only as a brilliant man, who massively influenced academia around the world, but also as a man who overcome enormous odds to achieve greatness. His incredible achievements have inspired many to overcome their own difficult situations, and aim to be the best they possibly can.

Lawrence Krauss, a noted physicist and cosmologist took to Twitter to express his grief at Hawking’s passing. Krauss elegantly wrote that a star had just gone out in the cosmos, and that that the world had lost a truly amazing human being.

Similar sentiments were expressed by many across the world, from all walks of life.




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