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How Tech Has Changed Travel

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There are so many aspects of modern technology that have made travelling simpler. There’s an app to help you book your flights, find the best deals on hotel rooms, discover the best local attractions – and there are even mobile casino apps to keep you entertained while you’re on-flight to your next destination.

Apart from just coming along for the ride, however, mobile technology has a host of great practical uses for the frequent traveller. Advanced apps like SkyScanner, AirBnB and TripAdvisor enable everyone to find quick, easy and affordable options for travel planning, hotel rooms, and almost any other travel-related service you could think of. Purchasing tickets is also safe, instant and requires no additional travel, leaving far more time to explore the world.

So great is the power of these apps that traditional travel agencies are fast being rendered obsolete, according to recent statistics that say that half of all travellers are more likely to find a new vacation destination on Twitter than anywhere else. A long list of good reviews on TripAdvisor or a travel blog is also enough to convince even the most sceptical of globe-trotters, making it easy to select services that will provide each individual with the exact features that suit their needs.

Perks for Travellers And Companies

The benefits of technology for travel don’t end there. Social media platforms also allow us to capture and share our travel experiences instantly with a wide audience, which keeps us connected no matter where in the world we may be. Instagramming a stunning picture of your latest tourist destination or checking in on Facebook when you arrive are the easiest ways by far to let loved ones know that you’ve arrived safely and are ready to explore.

Interestingly, this benefits the hotels, leisure companies and travel services you use too, as they may receive instant referrals from a single positive post. Good social media reviews and attractive pictures are an effective and cost-free form of advertising for companies whose services deserve it!

A few other travel-related grievances of the past have also been solved by the technology of today. Take timetables, for instance, which have always had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to keep track of. By using timetable and navigation apps, travellers can keep to their schedules, find their chosen destinations easily, and look up local traffic stats to avoid the rush hour and arrive safely on time.

The Other Side Of Tech In Travel

The effects of technology and social media on travel aren’t all positive. While geotags and hashtags can put certain, lesser-known destinations on the map, this can have a big environmental impact on natural tourist attractions as their numbers of visitors shoot up astronomically. Natural spots that have started to gain attention through stunning pictures and thousands of selfies are quickly being turned into tourist hotspots, with open land being developed into parking lots, gas stations, restaurants and accommodation facilities.

These destinations are also attracting social media users who attempt to vandalise them in order to gain social media fame, which can put the local environment at risk – as was the case with adventure seeker Trev Lee breaking into Yosemite National Park and building illegal fires back in 2013 while park rangers battled one of the largest wildfires in the state’s history.

Needless to say, the fusion of technology and travel needs to be regarded with responsibility, and travellers should always take care to respect the destinations they visit. However, once this respect is in place, the benefits of technology for travel are invaluable – so buy yourself some travel tickets, settle down with your favourite mobile casino app, and get ready to arrive at your next stop

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