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The Best Companies to Work For!

Are you employed? Do you commute in the morning and fight traffic? Are you a shift worker? If so, good on you. Being a part of the working force is not easy and not everyone is made for the 9 to 5 gig. In some ways, choosing to peruse this way of life is choosing to accept a certain fate, but I’m not here to question the philosophy of work. Work is a part of life, be it in the form of earning a salary, changing a light bulb or exercising to lose weight, work will always be there in one way or the other.

Does the dream job exist? Yes? Is it attainable? Yes. Is it easy? Not at all. This is why most people don’t find the ideal vocation. Most of us find something and we adapt and slot in, and then there are the few of us who do get to do what we love. I’ll say this much though, even when you do get to do what you love, there will always be an element of it that can be considered work. There’s also somewhat of a pattern that gets followed. While still in high school or during your tertiary education years, you’ll likely find yourself in one of two service industries – food and retail. Some of us make careers of this and some of us move on. At the end of the day there are all kinds of factors to consider – external ones, internal ones, your social environment – it goes on.

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Statistically there are places of business that are considered great to work at. These are places of employment most people would aspire towards. With that said, let us now look at the best companies to work for.

The Top 5 Companies (At Which to Work)

I’m not surprised that the technology sector is the most dominant one on the top 5. Fret not, food and clothing, the industries that lead into retail the most, are on this list also. Let’s take it from the top and descend…

  1. Facebook

Facebook Source: Rick's Daily Tips

This one doesn’t surprise me. I was expecting it. The most commonly cited reasons for employees to like their places of employment are free food, related amenities and the salary. I’ll say this much, if your employee only likes your occupational setup because of the food, then you need to keep a close eye on him or her. Facebook naturally has these attributes and more. What really drives those employed by the most visited website and social engine in the world is the work itself.  Billions of people around the world are impacted by the actions of those working at Facebook, thereby guaranteeing job satisfaction. Finally the company’s transparent nature and perpetual drive makes for an energetic environment that its workers thrive on.

  1. AOL

AOL Source: MSPoweruser

This global telecommunications company has 6 500 employees in total with very few of them complaining. I remember the early days of AOL when I was using my internal 28 000 bps modem to “speed” along the information superhighway. Back then in the 90s, AOL was nothing more than an internet dial-up company, like so many others. Today it owns and offers numerous digital services, products and even brands like The Huffington post. AOL does quite a bit to keep its workforce up and at it. Foosball tables, lip-sync battles, free drinks, free snacks, fitness classes and chair massages are all there to make sure that they get the most out of their workers and that their workers don’t mind giving their most either. And this is something I’m particularly impressed with – nap rooms. What more could you want? Imagine having the ability to catch a proper power nap. It can make a world of a difference.

  1. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group Source: Pond5

There are many companies out there who approach final year students and sell their company and the vision. But not that many actually go to the said campuses with the intention of real recruitment. This is one of the attributes that makes Boston Consulting Group such an appealing company. Its main aim is to recruit fresh talent fresh out of university, and why not? If you’ve ever studied something outside of a direct-correlated-occupation (DCO) like medicine or physiotherapy, you’ll know that finding work is a challenge. It can take a long time, especially if you’re keen on a specific industry. If you’re fresh out of studies, it can also mean that your work experience is limited and with that, the extent of interviews you’ve endured.

Work’s a tough call to make in terms of the way it moulds you. I believe there’s a certain rite of passage that is more conducive to creating a healthy and more informed work ethic, and it’s something you’re unlikely to get if you get swooped up first time by a company with great perks and a good salary. If this does happen to you, and it’s not a bad thing, you’ll miss out on some key developmental phases in your life - developmental phases that can give you a greater insight and know-how, not just applicable to work, but to life. So, while I think that Boston Consulting Group with its annual base salary of $150 000 is great for those fresh off the boat, there will be long term side-effects.

  1. In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger Source: Wikimedia

Now here’s one I didn’t see coming at all – a fast food outlet that ranks up there with these aforementioned companies. I have worked in the fast food industry; I know from experience that it’s a thankless, low-paying job with potential for progression if you’re really committed to making a go of it. And here’s the thing; there’s no reason as to why it should be that way. Like the retail sector, there’s no reason as to why fast food should be comparable to the arm-pit of the galaxy where occupational dreams go to die way before they begin. There’s no reason why this sector should be so unappealing that it’s earned itself one of the fastest employee turn-over rates. In-N-Out-Burger dispels all myths, truths and notions about a fast-food burger joint by offering rarities like a competitive salary. If that’s not enough to keep you flipping patties or dressing buns, then the paid vacations, socials, sporting events and flexible hours will make for strong contenders.

  1. Google

Google Source: Google Play

I’m not surprised that this one has made it on to the list. I must admit though that I expected Google and Facebook to be duking it out for first place. Google might not be number one but it is the one that has set the tone. Actually, it’s probably Richard Branson that set the tone, but Google have refined it and made an ideal model from it. Working for one of the hottest tech companies in the world means getting the all-encompassing workers package. This consists of very likeable amenities like a good salary, massages, good leave options, canteen meals that go way beyond the call of duty and more.

To Conclude

If you’re fortunate enough to work for a company that bequeaths any of the aforementioned benefits, then count yourself lucky. The playing fields are not even when it comes to employment and it’s my hope that you’re either being paid well or doing what you like; and if you’re not getting any of that, then I hope you’re not digging a trench.

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