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The Most Visited Cities In The World


The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means that you’ve already been avidly surfing the web, trying to decide on a vacation destination. There are dozens of hotspots across the world, all with their own unique draw cards. The real difficulty is deciding on which city deserves your attention this time round!

There are, after all, only so many holidays you can take in your life. You’d have to be a celebrity millionaire or hit the jackpot at an online casino in New Zealand, Canada, or wherever your heart desires to be able to explore everything the world has to offer. Hence, making a well thought out choice is essential. Take a look at our list of the most visited cities in the world, and find inspiration…


Bustling Bangkok Source: Pixabay

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is by far the most visited city on the planet. A grand total of 20.5 million foreigners entered Bangkok in 2017, which is certainly not a number to be taken lightly. This number does, though, take into account those who travelled there both for business and pleasure. Even more staggering is that this number is predicted to increase by as much as 9% by the end of 2018.

Bangkok is, of course, a cultural hub of the eastern regions, providing an incredible array of entertainment and culinary delights for travelers. Interestingly enough, although Bangkok saw the most visitors on this list, it was also the city in which a lesser amount was spent per day on average. A visitor to Bangkok was estimated to spend around $123 a day, making this not only a great destination with much to offer, but an affordable one too.


London England Source: Pixabay

With its incredible history and varied historical locations, combined with cutting edge technology crammed into every nook and cranny, its no wonder that London comes in second. Around 19.8 million visitors headed into London, drawn by the sophisticated yet inviting lure that captures hearts and minds in equal measure.

On average, a visitor spent $173 per day on everything from accommodation, to travel, to entertainment, which is certainly not an amount to be sneezed at. Although as you’ll soon see, London is still a comparatively cheap option when weighed up against other alternatives.


Perfectly Parisian charm Source: Pixabay

Many still get stars in their eyes when talking about Paris, and it’s no wonder. With its dreamy streets, dazzlingly beautiful scenery, and a romantic atmosphere that seems to cling to every location, who could possibly resist Paris? 17.4 million people a year can’t resist and clamour to get a taste of the world-renowned Parisian charm.

But Paris is certainly leaning towards the more expensive destinations; with a daily average spend of around $190. Hey, all that lovely atmosphere doesn’t pay for itself, you better be ready to open your wallet wide to afford those croissants, frogs legs and trips up the Eiffel Tower!


Dubai UAE Source: Pixabay

Last on the list is Dubai, a city famous for many things, not in the least for the fact that its law enforcement drives around in sports cars. It is also well known for being a hotspot for travel, with many heading over to get a taste of the allegedly ultra high-class luxury offered by the tourist destinations. Around 15.7 million visitors can’t resist the lure, though they will certainly be paying some serious cash to be a part of the hype.

On average, a visitor to Dubai will be forking over a whopping $537 on a daily basis. That’s not exactly what you would call a cheap holiday, especially when you remember the amount we just mentioned for Bangkok. Although it should be noted that much of the travel in and out of Dubai is business related, so hopefully it is companies that are footing the bill, and not tourists!

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