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Three Hot New Games From Microgaming

Three Hot New Games From Microgaming

Microgaming has a reputation for delivering high quality slot games and have been thrilling players across the globe for more than 2 decades with smash hits such as Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider and Avalon.

When the software giant recently announced they were releasing three more games in quick succession, expectations were immediately high, and some were already spreading rumours about what the games might involve. Some suggested that Microgaming was likely to expand its already impressive selection of superhero games, while others were insisting that the company would be taking slot games to an all new level.

Now that official details have finally been released, lets take a look at the three new games, and what they involve.

Karaoke Party Online Slots

The first on the list of new games is an online video slot titled Karaoke Party. As would be expected, the games theme centres on partygoers ready to burst into song in a karaoke competition. There’s a group of singers, a couple set to perform a duet, and male and female singers all vying for the title of karaoke king or queen. The games gloriously colourful graphics add to its appeal, and once again Microgaming has created an energetic slot that is designed to keep players coming back for more.

In terms of game play, Karaoke Party has five reels and 9 adjustable paylines, which is great for those who enjoy the more classic setup and simple game play. It also features random Wilds, 3X multipliers, and a host of other special features that are sure to give your chances of winning big a boost.

Monkey Keno

The second game on the list is Monkey Keno, and it will be immediately recognisable as a title that’s designed for those who are a bit more mathematically inclined. The game, based on Keno, uses a system that asks the player to match randomly selected numbers. It is also said to have a dynamically updating paytable, which changes according to the initial bet made by the player.

On top of the interesting game play, Monkey Keno is designed to have a wonderfully vibrant theme, set in the deepest and most colourful jungles. This includes, of course monkey mascots, who will do their best to charm players with their delightful antics. It must be said that Monkey Keno will likely not have the mass appeal of Karaoke Party, and is clearly designed to fit into the niche of thought provoking online casino games. There has been a call, after all, from many players wanting games that offer more control and Monkey Keno has clearly been designed to answer that call, and Microgaming deserves a round of applause for listening to their most loyal fans.

Frozen Diamonds Online Slot

The last game on the list is titled Frozen Diamonds, and it looks set to be an interesting title that takes a few risks in terms of design. As apposed to the standard spinning reels that slot machines are known for, Frozen Diamonds uses what is referred to as a cascading tile system. This means that tiles fall from the top of the play area, and land to form rows. If any symbols form a match in this fashion, they explode, allowing new tiles to fall in from the top of the play area. This means that multiple matches may be made with a single spin, which is certainly an interesting approach!

Furthermore, Microgaming have stated that the game will be designed to have a snowballing effect, meaning that with every matching sequence made during a single spin, the prizes awarded escalate rapidly. If two consecutive wins are achieved, twelve free spins are instantly awarded. And if a player is lucky enough to see three consecutive wins, a large bonus is instantly paid out. The nature of the game seems to be, then, hoping to achieve as many consecutive wins as possible.

No word was given on what occurs if four wins are achieved, but one can only imagine it is a jackpot prize. In terms of visual quality, Frozen Diamonds features exactly what the name says, frozen precious stones, but these are designed beautifully and are very easy on the eye. A fairly visually impressive visual effect is also used to illustrate the blocks of ice that explode upon being matched. Frozen Diamonds is certainly a different type of online slot, and is sure to intrigue players with its unique play style.

These 3 new casino games each look set to offer something different and to cover all player preferences. Microgaming are the masters at creating innovative, exciting and immersive games and it looks like they once again have lived up to their excellent reputation. These exciting new games are just a few of what have been released this year, and the good news is, there are sure to be more to follow!

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