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Tips for Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

Playing BaccaratThe sophisticated game of Baccarat has been even more glamorized by its appearances in James Bond, and now you can enjoy live dealer versions of 007’s favourite casino entertainment from anywhere, at any time.

Online and mobile Baccarat games have been available for years and offer plenty of their own thrills, but there is nothing quite like the pace of a live dealer game, and the pleasure of interacting with a trained professional dealer operating from sumptuous settings. Holding your breath as you watch them perform the famous Baccarat Squeeze, or even doing it yourself, is truly thrilling!

The pleasures of simply playing top-quality live dealer Baccarat games are enough in and of themselves, but winning big does always make things even better. A lot of the game is based on luck rather than skill, but there are some things that you can do to improve your winning chances by a fair amount. If you want to play the best Baccarat games that you can, read the tips here.

Never, Ever Take the Tie Bet

The payout on a Tie Bet is massive, but the chances of you ever hitting it are commensurately tiny. You can try card counting, but that only works if a maximum of 2 decks is being used, as opposed to the more usual 6. It’s always a tempting wager because the rewards are so massive, but it really is best avoided.

**Choose Tables with Fewer Decks **

While the minimum number of card decks is necessary to even have a chance of card counting, fewer decks is generally useful for lower odds and higher chances of winning. Check the high roller tables for your best chance of finding games that are using less than the usual 6 or 8 decks.

Be Consistent with Bets

Be disciplined with how much you bet! You don’t want to end up in trouble, and Baccarat is so fast-moving that if you don’t have a set betting amount plan in place it’s easy to end up in the red. So decide beforehand, and stick to it.

You can choose to simply bet the same amount each time, but something that has worked well for a lot of live dealer Baccarat players is to follow some kind of system of increasing the amount when you lose, and decreasing the amount when you win. This can feel a little counterintuitive, but you’ll see that it works well when you try it yourself. It’s the same basic idea as with the 50-50 Outside Bets you can place in Roulette; over time, if you are playing the long game, the wins and losses will neutralise each other.

The trick with the increasing/decreasing betting strategies is to have enough time and money to implement them properly. There may be a long streak of losses before a win, so it’s also important that the casino has enough in its coffers to pay you out. This is where online live dealer games have an edge over many land-based games, so these are great strategies to use here.

You can choose to double your bet when you lose and halve it when you win, as in the Martingale method, to move your bet amount up and down in accordance with the Fibonacci series of numbers, or to apply the D’Alembert system and simply choose a starting amount and an amount to raise and lower your wager by. Just remember to stick to what you start with, and wait to reap the rewards.

Don’t Be Afraid to Back the Banker

Banker Bets have a lower house edge than Player Bets, meaning you’re more likely to win. A lot of people stay away from them because they carry a 5% commission, but the favourable odds still make the wagers the best option. Stick with this to win big while you’re enjoying all the live dealer action and, as always, remember to quit while you’re ahead!

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