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Top Fantasy Themed Slots Games

Fantasy is a highly popular genre, with more novels released featuring swords and sorcery every year then a reading enthusiast can shake a stick at. In modern times the genre has seen even more popularity than usual, with a massive resurgence occurring due to the runaway successful of book series such as Game of Thrones, and, as we all known, when one genre sees an increase in popularity, that interest tends to spill over into other platforms.

The fact that a Game of Thrones slots game even exists should make that fact abundantly clear. The Game of Thrones slots game, however, was not considered the best of online slots games, and many were disappointed by its lack of well-known characters, recognisable imagery, or even especially notable graphics. The game did reference the various factions of the universe, but most agree that the game lacked punch, likely due to licensing issues that prevented the inclusion of more powerful visuals. The plus side is that there are many fantasy themed slot games that are outstanding, and well worth a look.

Immortal Romance

The explosion of popularity regarding vampires, occurring prior to the Game of Thrones era, was due almost entirely to the Twilight series. Yes, many felt that the films failed dramatically to capture the real essence of the original books, but the fact that games such as Immortal Romance exist stands as testimony to the power of a trend.

Immortal Romance rather unashamedly draws its inspiration from Twilight, but it does so with such incredibly high quality graphics, and with such a remarkable attention to detail, that most are willing to overlook this obvious fact. The game features one dashing male vampire, and three gorgeous female vampires, all of which at first appear as nothing but broodingly attractive people. What makes the game unique is that each of these characters transform into vicious vampire versions of themselves when landing in a sequence, which is perhaps more in tune vision with what the Twilight books intended. Even the mini-games of Immortal Romance drip with quality, involving a sequence where the player interacts with vials of blood in an astonishingly well-animated fashion.

Avalon II: Quest For The Grail

Departing from vampires and dealing instead with holy grails, Avalon II is a more classic fantasy themed game. It draws heavily from the King Arthur mythology, which is well known for its tales of cups that grant eternal life. Avalon II does not boast the incredible high quality graphics of Immortal Romance, but what it does do is communicate a story in a slots game, and that is no small achievement. The symbols depict a king, his queen, and the cup that they all seek to recover; the Holy Grail. It is not often that a player can feel as if they are participating in an epic journey while spinning reels, and Avalon II manages to do this exceptionally well. Sure, there will likely not be an actual conclusion to the story, given that the storytelling medium is a slots game, but even having players understand what the story is all about is reason enough for Avalon II to be commended.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is everything a player could hope for as far as fantasy themed games go. It features a well-loved and recognised main character, Thor, as well as excellent graphics, and outstanding design. The basis of the game is the rivalry between Thor and Loki, brought to life with character designs that are well drawn enough to feature in works of art. Plus, for all those familiar with the Thor universe, a number of other characters and popular imagery can be seen.

Odin, the father of Thor, makes an appearance, and let’s not forget Thor’s incredibly powerful hammer, Mjölnir. Thunderstruck 2 is a must play experience for all slots players, and even if there isn’t a particular interest in the subject material, the game’s highly innovative mini-games are certainly something to write home about.

Steam Punk Heroes

Steam Punk Heroes is not as well known as Thunderstruck 2, but is certainly no less an impressive experience. The artwork in the game is simply jaw dropping, and you would be hard pressed to find a better visual treat as far as slots games go.

The theme of the game, the steam punk mythology, is a rich environment to work with, and Steam Punk Heroes certainly goes the whole nine yards to take advantage. Each individual symbol design tells a story with its remarkable detail and design, and a player could get lost simply studying each image to take in all that is on offer. The game play itself may not be especially innovative or unique, but when this level of effort has gone into the visuals, a player can be forgiven for ignoring game play just to appreciate the visual experience!

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