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Unbelievable Casino Car Giveaways

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It’s a very common practice, both online and offline, for casinos to give away cars as prizes or part of promotions. All you need to do to find some of these deals running right now is enter the terms “casino”, “car”, “giveaway” or “promotion” into whichever search engine you prefer to use.

The appeal of winning a luxury car is easy to understand. Who wouldn’t want to drive off in a fabulous vehicle that they could never otherwise afford, after all? But for all the happy stories about winning a car in this way, there are also some cautionary tales out there. As with anything in life, you need to check all the details in the fine print very carefully.

A New Car for a Day

Jacob Ehrhardt, a regular player at the Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo, Michigan, was elated when he won a shiny black new car. The 2015 Tesla Model S is valued at $92 000, and Ehrhardt was playing at a Slots machine when he heard his name announced as the winner.

Entries into the Oktoberfest competition were earned by playing Slots and table games, and Ehrhardt, a 33-year-old millworker from Lake Station, had never dreamed that he could actually win. He only had 5 minutes to claim his prize and did so with just 45 seconds to spare, so it really was thrilling in every sense of the word. But Ehrhardt’s joy was short-lived.

Before he was allowed to have the car, Ehrhardt had to be approved for insurance of $4200 a year. Taxes on the car would also be over $30 000, and he would be put into a higher tax bracket so he’d have to pay more overall taxes too. In addition, he has to cover the car taxes billed to the casino. All told, if Ehrhardt keeps the car it will cost him $98 540, more than the Tesla costs in the first place and much more than he can afford.

To pay the taxes back and at least get something out of the whole deal, Ehrhardt has to sell the car. But nobody wants to spend the full amount on what is now technically a used car. It’s become something of a hot potato, and the current highest bidder is willing to pay $60 000. He’ll clear $25 000 which is not insubstantial, but is not the same as a $92 000 Tesla S.

A New Car in Miniature

Imagine the excitement when the Star Partners Casino Group ran a promotion several years ago, where you could win a BMW every single day for the duration of the deal! The affiliate group that is linked to the reward programmes of many top online casinos advertised the giveaway on their own website, and sent out emails to all those signed up with the relevant casinos. The casino had, however, pulled off a clever trick; the cars that could be won were toy models!

Many casino enthusiasts were fooled, and there was a lot of animosity towards Star Partners but they did ultimately generate a lot of traffic for their partner casinos and it is still something that people talk about. It’s doubtful that players stopped frequenting their favourite online casinos, just as it’s doubtful that Jason Ehrhardt stopped going to the Four Winds Casino Resort when he realised he’d have to give up his car.

When you see a car as a prize at a casino always read the fine print! Spin Palace would never dupe you, but there are loads of casinos that certainly would, as is proven above!

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