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Understanding Sucker Bets

Get to grips with sucker bets so that you don’t get...suckered!

What Is A Sucker Bet?

Whilst it’s true that casinos have to make a profit in order to keep their doors open, we all ultimately hope for a win, and when playing online there are some really big jackpots up for grabs.  The aim is often purely to have fun in a relaxed social setting, playing the games that we love and engaging with friends and like-minded individuals.  By the same token, we prefer to minimise our losses and ultimately come away either with a bit more that what we came with – or at least having broken even.

A sucker bet is the enemy of breaking even.  It is a bet that expects to yield a lower return than the value of the actual wager.  In other words: it’s a loss.  And losses have a habit of piling up real fast.

Beware The Soft Seventeen

In order to sway the odds even more in their favour, many casinos now offer a version of Blackjack incorporating what is known as a soft seventeen.  Dealers previously had to stand on 17 as a rule, but no more.  A distinction is now made between a conventional seventeen and a more lenient, soft seventeen.

A soft seventeen is achieved whenever the dealer’s hand includes an Ace – to be utilised as either eleven or one.  This creates a more lenient platform for the dealer and a decided advantage when attempting to gun for the big twenty-one.

Avoiding a table governed by the rules of soft seventeen means avoiding a sucker bet.

Split On Splitting 10’s

Splitting 10’s is a favourite habit among Blackjack players, and is even advocated by some professionals.  The true experts know that keeping two tens together in order to achieve a very safe 20 is the best course of action – and will pay off way more often than the risk of splitting and hoping for a 21.

Splitting 10’s then – definitely a sucker bet!

Side Bet Suckers

Side bets are highly deceptive, apparently creating that extra opportunity to win.  Players who do well know that side bets very rarely actually pay off.  Instead, rather be on the lookout for better odds and a better chance during the main game.  This will be much more rewarding in the long run.  Side bets are a waste and pay only once in a blue moon; side bets are typical sucker bets!

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