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Understanding the Technology Behind Live Casinos

Understanding the Technology Behind Live Casinos

Live casinos are one of the new online casino game industries that, although relatively new, are massively increasing in popularity all the time. As fast Internet speeds become more and more accessible to the world, so more players are able to enjoy the amazing services offered by live casinos. They seem set to be the next evolutionary step for online casino game playing.

But have you ever stopped to think about what exactly goes into making a live casino possible? It may be a lot more complicated than you might imagine.

First, for those who might not be aware, a live casino is an online service that streams real time video from a studio, directly to the desktop computer or mobile device of a player. A real croupier handles the casino game, and is seen by the player as the game unfolds. The setup is a deeply immersive and satisfying experience, especially since players may make bets on a real game that is unfolding, even if that game may be taking place on the other side of the world. So, what exactly does a live casino studio involve?

Live Casino Internet Speed Requirements

It is important to keep in mind that live casinos are reliant on fast, stable Internet connections. Since the objective of a live casino is to allow players to make live bets, there can be no delays or other issues of any kind in the stream. In the case of services like YouTube, the video feed can be rendered by the receiving data at any speed, since real time viewing is not required. In the case of a live casino, the feed must be sent and received instantly. This means, therefore, that the Internet connection must be capable of transferring large amounts of data. Sadly, the drawback is that not everyone is able to enjoy live casinos, at the present time.

On the side of live casino, extremely powerful servers are used, capable of streaming a video feed to multiple viewers simultaneously. Given that Internet technology has advanced to such an amazing degree, the viewer need not be in the same country, or even on the same continent as the server. It will, of course, make the feed more reliable if the viewer is in the same country, but it is by no means a requirement. By all means, a player may be on the other side of the world, and if having a powerful enough Internet connection, may participate in a live casino without any problems.

Live Casino Setup

A live casino, of course, requires talented, professional croupiers to be in charge of the games. But just being a good croupier is not enough, that person must also be comfortable in front of cameras, and possess a certain level of charisma and charm. Recently live casino croupiers have begun undergoing specialised training for the job, and some have even gone on to be considered mini-celebrities. Some players will attend a live casino only if their favourite croupier is going to be in charge.

At least 2 cameras, and sometimes as many as 4, are used for a live casino game. One focuses on the croupier in a close up, another provides a more widely angled view of the croupier, the third focuses on the game in a close up, and another gives a more widely spaced view of the game. Each of these cameras needs a cameraman to keep track of the action, and another person is required to switch between the cameras and control the feed. And if you think it’s starting to sound complicated, we’re still getting to the more in-depth aspects.

Technology and the Pit Boss

A technician is required to ensure that the information of the game is being translated into a digital language. This allows players to place bets on the live game. Plus, depending on the game, the technician may even need to constantly input updated data into the system. More modern live casinos utilise a system that automatically translates a real roulette game into digital form, but a technician is still required to oversee the process.

Since a real croupier controls a live casino, generally a pit boss is also required to be standing by. If any disputes arise about the actions of the croupier, the pit boss is the person who makes the final decision on the situation. Any player may raise a concern if they see fit, and the pit boss will handle the situation quickly, efficiently and will deliver a final judgement.

Live Casino Enjoyment

All these contributing aspects make up the enjoyable online experience of a live casino. It is not a cheap operation, and not a simple one, but new live casino studios are being established on a regular basis. As they become more accessible and more common there is little doubt that the world will soon be turning to live casinos as a regular source of entertainment.

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