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Vegas Evolving To Keep Up With The Times

Marc Armstrong EN

Vegas Evolving To Keep Up With The Times Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas is one of those names that summons up a certain series of thoughts. For me, it conjures images of outrageously attractive showgirls, indoor sunglasses wearing guys playing poker, and a veritable forest of bright neon lights. These images may or may not be out of date. I can’t say for sure, as my stay there was so debauched I’d like to leave what happened in Vegas…well, in Vegas. But, the point is that if Vegas doesn’t manage to at least partially match the perceptions people had about it, it wouldn’t be long before Sin City lost it’s tourist attraction powers.

What does this mean? It’s means that Vegas has to keep evolving, changing, and being a myth, or it will surely die. That may sound harsh, but it happens to be the truth. Predominantly tourist attraction cities have to keep up appearances, and keep offering new things to see, it’s the very nature of their existence. What this ultimately means, however, is that Vegas has to be in a perpetual state of evolving.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Vegas news, Sin City is indeed evolving. And the thing it’s turning into may just take your breath away.

The Mighty Sphere Las Vegas

It’s been a while since I’ve read about something that truly made my eyes go sparkly, and my jaw hit the floor. It just takes a great deal more than bygone times to impress me. But, upon reading about some of the planned projects for Las Vegas, I was struck by a feeling of awe that I hadn’t felt for some time. And yes, just to be clear, that is the exact reaction Las Vegas developers were hoping for.  It seems that, whatever else you may think about Vegas, the Jewel of The Desert still has the power to smack people in the face with amazement.

So what is the project that got me so hot under the collar? The MSG Sphere Las Vegas. An enormous 350 foot tall, 500 foot wide live performance venue. The project is costing multi-billions, and will all but alter the skyline of Vegas forever. Those entering Vegas will be able to see the Sphere from just about anywhere, and lord knows they will surely be impressed.

And no, the Sphere will not just be cool to look at. The inside of the mammoth structure will be a technological marvel, with the great dome ceiling laced with fibre optic cables. Meaning, of course, that images will be displayed across the entirety of the Sphere’s interior, and exterior. Want a cloudy sky? You got it. How about an illusion that the Sphere is at the bottom of the ocean? Easy.

What this means for live performances is, of course, astonishing.

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Why Vegas Needs Spheres

Upon reading about the MSG Sphere Las Vegas, I told everyone who would listen about it. The idea blew me away, and the responses I got from people upon explaining the Sphere to them were immensely satisfying. There were wide eyes, gasps, and looks of childlike wonder. The Sphere is a true, new marvel, so impressive in concept that the world will surely sit up and take notice.

And, once again, this is exactly what a place like Vegas needs to stay alive. Am I going to travel across the world to Vegas, simply because it has lots of casinos? No. Well, not for a second time anyway. I can go online and play without having to leave the house quite satisfactorily. What I can’t find online though is a giant, magical sphere. And so, it really is obvious why Vegas needs to keep evolving, or risk becoming obsolete.

A New Vegas

I read that Las Vegas is on a mission to change its image entirely. The Sphere is just a continuous on going effort; with developers hoping to entirely transform the way the world in general sees Vegas. I still refer to it as Sin City, personally, but hopes are that the public will start to see Vegas as more of a Disneyland, as opposed to a place that is just wall-to-wall casinos.

You might ask why, given that Vegas is seen as Sin City for good reason, and it’s a big part of the city’s draw card. But lets be honest, with places like Macau offering much the same, perhaps Vegas is smart to rebrand itself. It certainly won’t be easy, given that the “Sin City” perception has been hammered into people’s heads for decades. But, with the MSG Sphere Las Vegas now being what most occupies my mind about Vegas, perhaps they really are onto something.

Although, the words Las Vegas still conjure up attractive show girls, a sunglasses wearing poker guy, and neon lights. Only now there is a giant Sphere in the background.

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