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Video Poker Versus Slots Games

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Video poker tends to be put into the same category as slots games, but the two are certainly very different casino game experiences. A slot game, as is well known, involves reels, matching symbols, and it is, essentially, what is referred to as a no skills game. That is to say, the outcome of a slot game is determined 100% by luck. The player may maximise wins and minimise losses, but the result of the actual game is completely random.

Video poker, on the other hand, although also an electronic game, is very much based around the skill and experience of the player. A person who is aware of the various factors and aspects of poker will perform a great deal better than an unskilled player. That is to say, video poker is a skill-based game that benefits from experience and practice. Let’s look at the two games in more detail.

Slots Games Under The Microscope

Modern slots games are certainly a spectacle to behold. With high quality animations, astonishing graphics, and enchanting interactive soundtracks, it can’t be denied that they are certainly an amazing experience. But can a player, regardless of how good they are, or how long they’ve played slot games, change the outcome of a spin? The answer is a great big no. Slot games are random, and will always be indiscriminate. How the symbols land for each spin is a mathematical equation, and nothing short of world altering superpowers will change this.

But this doesn’t mean that slot games cannot be played a specific way to improve the financial gain of the player. Slot games allow the player to raise and lower the bet amount, adjust betting lines, and even add certain symbols to the reels, depending on the game itself. By making wise use of these features, a savvy player may certainly walk away with more in their pocket, as apposed to a less experienced player, who is less likely to have done as well. To be more specific; the outcomes of the spins may not be altered, but how a player takes advantage of the special features for financial gain, certainly matters a great deal.

Video Poker In More Detail

Video poker, on the other hand, is very strictly based around the set rules of poker. There are a definite number of cards in the deck, a certain way the cards may be played, and a distinct benefit to knowing the game inside and out. That is to say; poker is a skill-based game. A person who is aware of winning strategies will perform substantially better than a person who is less familiar with the game. In fact, a player who is a whiz with statistics may be astonishingly good at the game of poker, to a degree that has to be seen to be believed.

There is, however, still an element of chance to the game. It is impossible to completely master any game that has an element of chance, which is the core of what makes poker such a good casino game. A person who has been playing poker their entire life may still have what is referred to as a losing streak, and that is the element of chance making itself felt.

So, Which Game is Better?

It really makes no sense to say that poker is better than a slot game, or vice versa. The two games are simply fundamentally different, and will therefore appeal to different types of players. It is true that a slot game is more of an observer’s experience, with little to no input required from the player, but many simply enjoy this type of game play experience. It is easy to sit down after a long day, relax, and unwind with a few hours of spinning the reels. The player is not required to make difficult decisions or rack their brains. And that is okay. It just depends on what you’re looking for in your casino game experience.

Video poker, on the other hand, is a game probably not best played when already fatigued after work. It is a game that demands concentration, focus, and constantly requires the player to weigh up statistics at the drop of a hat. If anything, a player should prepare for a round of video poker with plenty of rest. It is not, by its very nature, a game that should be approached with a relaxed attitude. And this is also okay.

Best of Both

In the end, it is best to enjoy each style of game as it was meant to be enjoyed. Those who are serious about casino games, and are dedicated to improvement, are always going to get more out of a skill-based game. Those who are okay sitting back and watching TV while also enjoying a casino game are more prone to play no-skills games. Or, alternatively, the same person may switch between the two, depending on their mood.

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