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Are You Ready To Groove Like You Used To?

Village PeopleSource: Microgaming

When’s the last time you got to put on your shiny disco pants and platform shoes and show off all your sweet moves? Your next chance is coming soon—Spin Palace will be hosting the new Village People® Macho Moves online slot game, which is takes the iconic group’s hits from the dance floor to the online casino! The party starts on June 25, 2019.

Get groovy with the Village People® and win some coin!

Back in the days of the disco ball, white suits, and crazy dance club atmosphere, the music of the Village People® was a surprising new phenomenon, with impossibly catchy tunes and beats that get you moving. You can’t hold still when you hear one of their hits like “Y.M.C.A.” or “In the Navy”. It’s the 1978 hit “Macho Man” that inspired Microgaming’s fresh spin on the disco dance classics. The new game Macho Moves gives you the chance to win big while you’re transported to a new take on some of the most exciting parties of the past—whether you were there for them in the Seventies or not!

The exciting dance club atmosphere of this online slot will keep you grooving all night as you join the Village People® characters for a great time. With a 3 by 6 reel, wild tiles, and unique special features in the Free Spins round, you’ll have loads of ways to win and keep the party alive.

Step into the disco world and come out a winner!

The base game is made up of 6 reels, each topped with the figure of one of the Village People® characters. These muscled macho men each have their own wild meter, which you can fill up by landing on VP wilds as you play. Each VP wild not only gets you closer to that character’s Free Spins feature, but also turns the other two symbols on the reel where it lands into wilds. This increases your chances of making matches and landing a win. Once you collect 5 tokens for a single character, you’ll unlock their bonus Free Spins round, where each of the guys will show you their Macho Moves during your 5 Free Spins.

The Construction Worker: When you earn the Construction Worker’s Free Spins round, you’ll enjoy a bet multiplier that will build up your winnings. This random multiplier will be between 2x and 20x and is awarded before each spin in the Free Spins round.

The Cowboy: Tip your hat to the Cowboy, whose wild Free Spins round places between 2 and 12 disco ball Wild tiles in random places on the reels before each spin.

The Cop: The Cop will award you with 1 to 3 Wild Reels, which are randomly placed before each spin in the Free Spins round. The whole reel is full of wilds, so get ready for a lineup of matches!

The Native: The Native’s Free Spins round places 2 Wild Reels in the far-right reels, and moves them one space to the left for every additional spin. These Wild Reels will help you rack up the winnings.

The Biker: The Biker will take you for a wild ride in the Free Spins round, where all low-paying symbols are replaced with a high-paying symbol for each spin, such as the vinyl records, sunglasses, 8-track, disco shoes, or the microphone.

The Sailor: All aboard for the Sailor’s spins in the Free Spins round, where you’ll get between 1 and 3 wild tiles before each spin—and they’re anchored in place for the rest of the free spins round. The more Free Spins you take, the wilder things will get!

Spin the disco ball and listen to your favourites!

While you play, you’ll have your choice of tunes on the VP Jukebox, featuring five of the group’s classic hits to keep you pumped throughout the game. If you have a favourite song that makes you feel lucky, you can choose it from the menu to get you ready to win. With onscreen graphics like the bright dance floor, thumping speakers, and the Village People® themselves, you’ll feel like you’re back in the club on a wild night, and you’ll be ready to win!

This game is sure to be a hit with 15 different pay lines you can use to land winning combinations. The two kinds of wilds will boost your chances of winning and of visiting the Free Spins round with one of the Village People®. Macho Moves has bet limits of 0.20-25.00, a 96.32% RTP, high volatility, and a 24.336% hit rate. Now get out there and show off your moves!

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