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Is VR The Future Of Mobile Gaming?

Is VR The Future Of Mobile Gaming?

We are living in an age where technology is growing faster than we can keep up with. Just as the mobile casino boom hits us we are potentially looking at another new step in mobile games, VR gaming.

**The Growth Of Mobile Casinos **

Mobile phones have gone from a device that can text, call and maybe take a photo to a do-all device that has been deeply integrated into our day to day lives.

Mobile casino gaming has allowed us to carry around a variety of casino games which we can make real money wagers on.

That is an almost unprecedented level of convenience, but it was still lacking that level of casino immersion that has been partly addresses through live dealer gaming.

What Can Be Brought To The Table

There have been companies like HTC and Occulus that want to create a whole new VR industry, but at the same time many smaller companies have used the idea of VR goggle attachments to modify people’s existing smartphone and make them virtual reality headsets.

This is an easy way to get people into VR gaming at a very reasonable price when compared to the dedicated headsets the big companies offer consumers.

What Companies Now Offer

Many software developers are now exploring the world of VR casino games. The mobile platform has always been ideal for casino games as you can easily play a few quick hands of Blackjack or poker or have a few slot spins.

With the level of immersion and realism provided by VR add-ons to mobile phones, it is easy to see mobile casino games coming to dominate the market.

Cost And Immersion

Not only are VR add-ons to mobile phones a lot cheaper than dedicated VR headsets, but it can take the immersion level introduced by live table games to a whole new level.

VR add-ons are becoming more and more affordable, with Google’s Cardboard goggles being the cheapest entry level VR experience you can find.

People do not have to necessarily spend any money on upgrades as currently most mobile phones are more than capable of handling simple VR software dedicated for mobile use.

The Next Steps

With VR software houses still working hard to reach new paradigms with regards to game play and integration, it is a very exciting time. VR may well be the future of mobile casino gaming.

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