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Weighing Up RNG and Live Dealer Games

When you first discover the excitement of casino games, whether it’s at a land-based casino or at an online gambling site, there are many new terms to learn that could confuse the beginner. Before you explore gambling any further, let’s sort out the difference between online casino RNG games and Live Dealer games.

Live Dealer games, basically, are the traditional table games everyone thinks of when they imagine a casino. Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat are just three of the card games offered at most casinos that will automatically require a live dealer. Roulette and Craps have a croupier who fulfils the same function, handling all the physical actions required by the game, so that players only have to focus on betting.

RNG, which stands for ‘random number generator’, covers games like Slots and Video Poker. These casino games once ran on mechanical devices, such as the original fruit machines with big, solid reels. Advances in computer microprocessors have allowed these games to be reinvented in digital format.

So instead of physical reels, the cards and symbols used in Video Poker and Slots are decided by RNGs, which ensure that the results are as truly random as they would be using the original mechanical devices. In fact, all the reputable land-based and online casinos are required to have their RNG software tested by independent auditors, to make sure they are delivering truly random results and a fair game.

**RNG Games **

Because online casinos can be run completely by computers, the use of RNG software is prevalent in all online casino games, not just Slots and Video Poker. Online versions of Roulette, Poker, Craps and Blackjack, as well as all the other online casino games, play with virtual cards, wheels or tables, and all the final outcomes are determined by the RNG software.

There are several advantages to RNG games when playing online or via mobile. The most obvious is speed, but the ability to play anywhere, anytime, even with no other opponents, is also a big plus. So not only are RNG games online fast and exciting, but they also allow you to play without interacting with dealers, croupiers or other players.

For some, that’s the main attraction: they’re not interested in a social experience, and they’re only playing to see if they can beat the odds; especially if they are wagering real money. Some people do want the social interaction of casinos, though, even when they’re playing online. That’s where Live Dealer games come into the picture again.

Live Dealer Games Make Online Play Social

A number of online casinos now offer Live Dealer games, especially for popular group games like Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette. These won’t play out as fast online as RNG games, because there is actually a live dealer in  casino or studio, dealing actual cards or spinning an actual Roulette wheel. The results of each game, or each round of a game, are then live-streamed digitally to the players, with their wins and losses recorded on the computer.

Online casinos that offer Live Dealer games also make sure that players can chat to each other or the dealers while they play. This restores the social element to casino gaming that many fans miss on RNG games, and many fans opt for Live Dealer games for this reason, even though their game-play will be somewhat slower as a result.

Whether you prefer RNG or Live Dealer games, the fact of the matter is, if you pay at a reputable online casino both will offer fair, unbiased results. The only real element then that differs is the way you prefer to play- against a real dealer or a computer- or, if you like you can enjoy both!

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