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Weird and Wacky Facts About Las Vegas

Spin Palace and Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known as Sin City, the place where dreams come true, anything goes and what happens there, stays there! These rather strange facts are just a few of the weird and wonderful stories that have made it out of Vegas!

Gambling Laws

Firstly and most surprisingly for anyone who has visited Vegas, it is illegal to gamble outside of Vegas anywhere in Nevada. In Las Vegas itself you can find a slot machine at an airport, grocery store or even a gas station, but the minute you get more than 25 miles outside the city limits, gambling is illegal. It’s only in the city itself that it’s allowed.

In what seems like a completely opposite law, prostitution is legal anywhere in Nevada except Vegas. While prostitution is legal in the state, it is only legal in cities of less than 400 000 people. When Vegas became a huge tourist attraction and looked set to provide Nevada with good income, city planners decided to keep prostitution out of the metropolitan to prevent more conservative visitors from choosing other destinations.

Live your Wildest Dreams

Aside from the abovementioned laws you really can do just about anything in Las Vegas. Have you ever wanted to drive a bulldozer? Well Vegas is the place to do so. There is a heavy vehicle playground where visitors can drive bulldozers, pickup trucks and diggers just to get an idea of what it feels like to operate such enormous machines. This is definitely not your usual Friday night out, but it’s something that isn’t easily accessible elsewhere in the world.

Life Changing Wins with a Difference

Some people take the fun of gambling a little too far. In 1980 nearly a whole staff of nurses in a hospital in Las Vegas were suspended, and some fired, for betting on whether patients would live or die. It is even suspected that one nurse killed her patient in order to win the bet. Now that’s just dead wrong!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Lastly, no list of fun facts is complete without a story to make you cringe. In 1992, Archie Karas took $50 to Vegas and within a day turned it into a whopping $40 million. The reason this will make you cringe? Within a day Archie had lost all the money, including the $50 he started with, and went home absolutely penniless.

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