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What Kind of Player are You?

The world of casino games is a diverse one, likewise so too are the types of people who play these games. Some players take the situation very seriously, proceeding as if every hand, or every spin of the reels, was a life or death situation. Others are not so serious, and tend to play for the pure enjoyment of the experience, not especially concerned about a few lost rounds.

There is, of course, not right or wrong way to play casino games, assuming you are not a professional, and all it just comes down to what the individual prefers.

The Professional

It stands to reason that a person should put some level of effort into casino games, especially if you are playing for real money. There are those, however, who play every game as if a bolt of lighting will strike them down for losing a hand.

The professional keeps careful tabs on his or her funds, reads articles and newsletters on gambling every chance they get, and may even keep a personal record of wins and losses. Sure, there is nothing wrong playing in this fashion, but it is often the case that professional players are the least amount of fun, as far as other players are concerned.

The professional is easy to spot in an online game where a chat facility is involved, as they generally will not engage in, participate in jokes, or even acknowledge other players are making an effort to be social. The professional may even get annoyed at other players not taking the game as seriously, and abandon the table if they feel the situation is leaning too far towards fun and games. To spot the professional, look for the person who has not said a word since the game started.

The Casual Player

The casual player profile makes up the majority of online players. This is a person who knows the game, understands the game, plays to win, but is not so serious about casino games that it occupies their life. Sure, they will play a few hands every week, and they are more than happy to win, but losses won’t break their spirit.

Don’t take the casual player too lightly, however, as they are more then capable of making an excellent play and sweeping the table clean, given the right circumstances. Casual players are usually those who stick around for a while, make an effort to win, but always have fun first and foremost. In terms of social interaction in live chat games or tournaments, however, the casual player is normally great fun, ready to engage other players willingly, and generally provide a good source of entertainment.

The Troll

The troll is an interesting, if somewhat unwanted Internet phenomenon. How certain people find enjoyment making other people’s lives miserable is a mystery, but needless to say trolls are likely very lonely, annoyed at life, and probably don’t have many friends. The troll casino game player is that person who makes the game less fun for everyone else.

The type of person who lets the timer run down to the last second during their turn, for no other reason other than they know it annoys the people. In free poker games the troll will make unreasonably high bets on every hand, simply because it disrupts the game and forces the other players to go against good poker sense. No one wants the troll around, but they tend to crop up in almost every multiplayer casino game, much to the annoyance of the other players. Thankfully the trolls generally gets bored fast, and will move on to other forms of irritating people soon. Keep in mind that players can be reported to customer support centres if they are obviously disrupting the game.

The Newbie

The newbie tends to cause frustration and irritation, but not for any malicious intent of any kind. The recent boost in popularity of online games means that many new players are finding their way to the virtual casino game tables. These are people who often don’t have much experience playing casino games online, and are sometimes confused by the interfaces, slow to take their turn, and make silly mistakes by accident. Don’t be rude to the newbie, however, as everyone has had to learn how to play online games at some point, and confusion is a natural part of learning. Rather help the newbie get better by explaining to them how the game works. A newbie today, after all, is the potential star player of tomorrow. If you come across a newbie player, address them in the chat section and ask if they need anything explained. Don’t forget you might have to explain to them how to use the chat section in the first place!

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