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What Type Of Casino Are you?

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Each game player tends to have a particular kind of personality. You have your speed freaks who are all about roulette and craps, living for the fast turnaround times and adrenalin rushes, and you have your deep thinkers, who enjoy deliberating and focusing deeply on each move. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to play casino games; it really is up to the individual.

But, if one were to say that a person was suited for a particular kind of casino atmosphere, based on their personality and play style, which would it be? Give our casino personality test a go and see which type of casino you were born to play in.

Bright Lights, Fast Action

When one thinks of Las Vegas, images of neon lights and cabaret dancers are instantly conjured. The bustling metropolis has a well-earned reputation as Sin City, and although not everyone who enters Las Vegas will emerge married to a stranger, they will certainly emerge exhausted. This is because in Vegas everything moves at double speed, the streets never sleep, and the fun literally never stops. Vegas is all bright lights, expensive décor, and memorable nightlife, and we salute those who seek this lifestyle.

If you’re the kind of player who lives for the rush, never stops playing for anything, and yearns for the bright lights and polish of a swanky location, Las Vegas resides in your heart. Perhaps you were a Vegas local in your previous life, or perhaps you just know how to have fast-paced fun. Either way, if there was ever a living personification of everything Vegas, you’re likely it. Don’t get too upset if you can’t actually visit Vegas, however, as everything Vegas stands for can also be found at online casinos.

A Martini, Sir?

Fast-paced action is one thing, and it appeals to a number of players, but there is a flipside to this coin. Some enjoy observing a game of baccarat while sipping a martini, not concerned with the fast-paced action that gets the roulette junkies going. Casino games are meant to be enjoyed like a fine wine; slowly and deliberately. At least this is the point of view of our second type of personality. James Bond would have fallen into this category, and as everyone knows, 007 would never have been caught jumping up and down with excitement as he threw the craps dice.

This attitude is the heart and spirit of Monte Carlo, and the speed fanatics need not apply. If you enjoy a slow paced, thoughtful casino game, then you may just have the blood of Monte Carlo pumping in your veins. That’s not to say roulette and craps are not available in the sophisticated town, just that those who play them will likely do so in a tuxedo, and celebrating with a controlled clap as apposed to a chicken dance. Out hats are off to you, slow thoughtful players, you bring class to the world of gambling.

Chilling To The Max

There is no need to quicken your step in Atlantic City for fear of missing out on something important. Everyone moves at their own speed, and no one is concerned about how many neon lights are blasting them in the face at any given moment. It’s about taking it slow, enjoying the journey, and stopping to appreciate the sunset every now and again. Casino games are great fun, and they are best appreciated when you are at your most relaxed and easy going.

So we have the speed freaks, and we have the tuxedo wearing James Bond types, what if neither of these scenes appeal to you? Maybe you’re perfectly okay playing a casino game in your shorts and t-shirt. High-speed action doesn’t really get your attention, but then neither do martinis and tuxedos; you’re happy just pitching up, having a few laughs, and maybe heading out to the local pub. If this sounds like you, then you have the spirit of Atlantic City in your heart, and we salute you for your relaxed approach to the casino game world.

So Where Do You Reside?

Maybe you’re a roulette player who drinks an energy drink for breakfast and another right before bed, and maybe you’re not comfortable unless your body is feeling the smooth silk of a fine tuxedo. And maybe neither of these things appeal to you, and you’d trade a tuxedo for a comfortable pair of shorts every day of the week.

There is no right answer; it’s all up to the individual. The great thing about casino game industry is, of course, that you need not stick with one personality, if you don’t want to. Hit the fast paced roulette, the Bond-style baccarat, and kick back for a bit of easy going slots games the day after.

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