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What’s Next for Online Slots?

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the best online slots have to offerDid you know that online casino game developers like Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt release new games every month, most of which are online slots? It’s for precisely this reason that the best online casinos offer hundreds and hundreds of different slots!

Taking a look at the range of online slots on offer, there is literally an option for every single theme under the sun and many of these themes are pretty weird. We explore why new online slots are released so often and some of the wacky themes that you may not be familiar with.

The Main Attraction

If you ask any online casino player what their favourite games are, more often than not they will proudly declare: online slots. It is difficult to say exactly why online slots are so popular, but judging by the range of options on offer at the best online casinos it’s clear that they are the main attraction of most online casinos.

What most players love about online slots is that they are straight-forward and require almost no skill in order to be successful. Unlike other casino table games that require hours of practise, online slots are far more accessible to a wide range of players and still offer the chance to win incredible amounts of money.

Volatility of Players

It might sound a bit mean, but most online casino players get bored pretty quickly. If you visited an online casino and they only had 10 different online slots, it would take you mere minutes to try them all out, and you would most likely move along to the next online casino.

Because of the saturation of the industry, online casinos have been forced to expend a lot of time and money on keeping players interested, ensuring repeat business. One way in which online casinos do this is by offering brand new online slots and in-turn offering free money to players with which to try them out. As such, it’s clear that the rate of new online slots is driven by demand.

Getting New Players Interested

New customers are the bread and butter of any online casino and online casinos hoping to cement themselves amongst the giants of the industry have to be constantly innovative in the ways in which they attract new customers. If you were an online casino operator, how would you attract new business?

People play online casino games for a variety of reasons, but many play because they are being offered something that interests them. So if you wanted to attract a younger audience, the answer would be simple: give them what they want! This is evident in the rise of new online slots in themes that are highly popular such as Game of Thrones™ and the slew of superhero franchises currently on offer in cinemas.

Weird and Wacky Online Slots

However, how do you attract players that aren’t interested in run-of-the-mill pop culture online slots? The answer is simple: offer them something they’ve never seen before. Take Egg-O-Matic by NetEnt for example. This golden-egg-laying chicken themed slot is truly one of a kind. The graphics and sound effects are incredible and you could win an amazing 94,750 coins with the help of these robotic chickens.

What about Cash ‘n’ Curry by Microgaming? Do you like cash? Do you like curry? Then this retro-styled fruit machine is for you. We can’t say we’ve come across another curry themed online slot before, but it’s clearly a hit as it’s available to play at the best online casinos.

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