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When to Cash Out in Slots

When to Cash Out in Slots

Modern day slot machines, and particularly online slot games, make it decidedly difficult for players to decide when to cash out. But in order to keep to a set bankroll and manage one’s budget effectively, it is vitally important for players to track how much they are spending and to know when they need to cash out. These tips will help you know when to cash out, so that you can reap maximum rewards for playing online or mobile slots games!

Keeping Track of Spending

With the nature of casino credits it is sometimes difficult to monitor just how much one is spending. It is far easier when manually inserting cash, coins, or tokens, as these triggers the ‘I am spending money’ response in the brain. Virtual credits, however, do not, and it is easy to just keep on going.

Players should therefore monitor the type of machine they are playing on, so that they can accurately monitor how much each spin is costing them. A good idea here is to convert the credit amounts straight into monetary amounts, no matter whether the machine is one-to-one or a nickel or penny machine.

Big Winnings

Some slot machines make it easier for players to keep track of their spending and winnings. On these machines, for example, players who make a big win will find the machine to have gone into lock-down and that they first need to manually receive their winnings in order to continue playing. This is a great idea to help players decide when to cash out.

Another option, particularly for those slot machines that do not have the above feature, is to break down the monetary amount one is playing with and play in increments. This forces players to continually load more credit on to the machine, helping them keep track of their budget. If a large win is made, players should cash out and then, if they wish to continue playing, play another smaller amount available to them.

Cashing Out

The golden rule is to cash out whenever a large win is made, regardless of whether the machine forces the player to do this automatically or whether the player simply decides to this.

Cashing out whenever a large win is made will force players to withdraw their winnings and then, if they still wish to continue playing, they can do so with a lower amount so as to still accurately track their bankroll.

It’s not hard to put in to practice, and knowing when to cash out can help you win more in the long run!

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