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Where To Next For Online Casino Technology?

Marc Armstrong EN

Where To Next For Online Casino Technology Source: Netherlands Aerospace Centre

I confess, I haven’t spent that much time on (or would it be in?) VR casino games. Given that the prices of decent VR headsets are still a little on the steep side, I haven’t yet been able to make the commitment, and buy one for myself. What I have experienced of VR at a friends place has been impressive, though, to the extent that I really hope VR finds a foothold.

AR - that’s augmented reality for the unversed, or those who played Pokémon Go and were astounded by how it worked - I haven’t experienced it at all in terms of the casino sector, given that it’s barely entered into the real world. And I’m not a fan of chasing funny creatures about in public, so no Pokémon Go for me.

The concept of AR does sounds incredible though. However, I do fear that AR and VR fighting for a place in the online casino market will be rather messy, and perhaps not the best idea, given that VR has yet to even fully establish itself in the digital casino world. Either way, I just hope my technology-buying friend up the road invests in an AR headset, so that I can test it out before it’s potential flaming death.

But, being that I’m an incredibly forward thinking person, the sort that absolutely knows what he’s going to wear tomorrow, and doesn’t just grab whatever seems least creased, I started to think about what would come after AR and VR. I mean, these digital casino technologies certainly are impressive, but what could possibly lie beyond them?

 VR and AR Evolution

As VR stands now, it really is incredible in the level of immersion it can create. It has honestly crossed my mind that VR is perhaps even a step too far, given how absolutely immersed a person can get. For digital casino games, of course, the level of immersion is perfect, especially given how fantastical and detailed some digital casino worlds can be. Throw a person into a VR horror game, however, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a person might get genuinely traumatised.

So, given this information, the next logical step for VR is to increase the level of immersion as much as possible. After all, a little lasting post traumatic stress disorder is a small price to pay for improved VR technology.

I read about future accessories planned for VR, many of which are designed to further increase the all-consuming immersion. Wireless headsets are a given, and already exist. But I’m talking about immersion improvement well beyond a simple wireless interface. I saw an interesting, although extremely impractical device, that allowed players to walk on a sort of bowl shaped platform. This platform finally bridged the last gap, and translated real walking into VR walking. It didn’t look to be super refined, from what I could see, and I can’t imagine many people would fit such a device in their homes. But it was the sort of evolution I was looking for.

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Beyond VR – Contact Lens Technology

The next technology evolution I read about was based around removing the bulky headset, and having information displayed directly on a contact lens. Now, we’re really talking distant future here, so I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but the possibility of this tech really is far more realistic than I had assumed.

It turns out that there are already companies doing serious research into this sort of thing. The part of it that had confused me previously, i.e. how the contact lens would be powered, turned out to be a small misunderstanding on my part. The contact lens would not be powered; information would be projected onto the lens from an outside source.

Either way, there are apparently very basic working prototypes, giving everyone hope that they can experience casino games projected directly onto their sensitive eyeball. The future is a magical place indeed.

Beyond VR – Direct Neural Interface

Direct Numeral Interface is the true stuff of science fiction. A chip planted in a person’s head, with electronic signals being blasted straight into an eager brain. Clearly, though, this technology is never going to actually happen in our reality. Right?

Hush your mouth, simpleton. Although still in the very early stages, it just so happens that this technology is, at the very least, feasible. Research is currently underway in which amputees are able to control wheelchairs with their thoughts. It’s very early stages, but the groundwork is present for major advancement in the future.

The part where a casino game is blasted straight into your brain is not yet being worked on, but you know it won’t be far off once the initial breakthroughs are made. If it will or won’t require there to be a chip in your brain to have direct casino access is unknown, but one can’t help but think that slots game enthusiasts will be eager to make the sacrifice. I, for one, would take a brain chip over an eyeball lens any day. I have sensitive eyes, you see.

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