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Why I Am Sticking to Online Gaming

Marc Armstrong

Laptop playing online casino games Source:Pixabay

Being social is not one of my personal strong points. In fact, talking to other humans in general is what could be described as my weakness. Humans, you see, have these curious things called emotions, which, when combined with words, tend to make me very anxious and uncomfortable. So, for the most part I like to keep my interaction with humans to a minimum, or at least to controlled occasions where I only have to decipher one human at a time.

Sometimes, however, I fall into the dismal routine of having to entertain guests. Never by my own choice, mind you, and generally always because a group of people will invite themselves over, probably because they think that they are doing me some sort of favour. Little do the poor fools know that they’re signing themselves up for what can only be described as a social nuclear holocaust.

On the most recent occasion that this happened, I decided that I’d at least try and organise an evening that didn’t leave everyone wishing they’d rather been watching paint dry. And so, drawing upon my massive powers of intellect, I Googled how one might entertain a group of guests. The website I landed on recommended an evening of casino games.

Casino Games As Social Entertainment

What a swell idea, I thought, remembering that my mom had a mini home Roulette wheel I could borrow. I’d set up a Roulette evening for my guests, give everyone a few chips to start off with, and we’d all laugh and cheer our way through a splendid evening of casino games. And, I grant you; it really would have been a great idea, had I been aware of the guests that would be attending. It turned out that it was the humans involved in the situation that would be my downfall.

In all seriousness though, just to break away from my humorous tale for a moment, casino games of this nature really are great for social occasions. Poker evenings and roulette evenings are the best choices, and can be played with real money or valueless chips for fun. Some of the most fun social evenings I’ve had are poker evenings.

The Downfall Of Social Casino Games

So my guests arrived, I greeted them, and guided them to the table I had set up with the roulette wheel. I acted as the bank, and people got on their merry way making bets, and drinking liberally from the supply of beverages I had spent a great deal of money on. The one guest, a young man whose girlfriend seemed a great many years younger than him, was even quick to share that he happened to be a casino game master, and would surely clean out the bank before the evening was done. What a card.

It wasn’t long before the second group of guests arrived to join the first, and it was then that I started to get impression that things were going to go south. The new guest, and an older gentleman also decided that he was a casino game master, and it would be he that would clean out the bank before the evening was done. So, we now had two people ready to share their mastering of casino games, and the conflict quickly began to build.

What I had was, I like to say, two self-proclaimed alpha males in the same space, both ready to claim dominion over the roulette game. As in the wild, the two males were required to face off, and demonstrate their alpha male status with colourful displays.

The Nuclear Holocaust Social Event

The evening progressed, the beverages flowed, and it wasn’t long before the two alpha males were locked in angry argument about the best way to go about playing roulette. I can tell you as an outside observer that both were basically wrong in their arguments, but I’m not one to step between two wildly domineering alpha males.

The girlfriends at the event were gradually becoming more and more anxious and wringing their hands nervously, sensing that the event may just end in mighty teeth having to be bared. It was then, in a last ditch effort that I bravely attempted to save the evening by diverting attention to a deck of cards, thinking that changing the game might ease the tension. I was wrong. Poker made the whole thing much worse.

Sticking To Online Casinos

The evening did end without any fists flying, or karate chops landing, and in that regard the evening was a success. It really was dumb luck that I ended up having two such explosive personalities in the same place, at the same time. Had I known, I would have had a hose close at hand, to blast the frisky beasts with water to restore order. Either way, I’ll be sticking to online casinos for the near future. There’s a lot less alpha male posturing going on, and, at the end of the day, I know best how to play roulette…

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