Experience Premium Quality Poker Action

3 Card Poker Multi Hand Gold offers an exclusive virtual gaming experience unlike any other. Microgaming have focused on producing meticulously detailed imagery where you are immersed into a classic style casino setting.

The action revolves around you deciding how much to bet, on which of the two game options to bet on, and how many hands to play. With 3 Card Poker Multi Hand Gold you can play up to five hands in one go, giving you more winning opportunity. The aim is to simply beat the dealer with any one or more of your hands.

Enjoy the Excitement of 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker Multi Hand Gold is easier to play than traditional Poker, but offers excitement none the less.

You play against the dealer with a fifty-two deck of playing cards per hand. Before you are dealt your three cards you are offered the opportunity of an ante bet or a pair plus bet, but if you wish to play both options you may.

When you place an ante bet the action unfolds after the cards are dealt and you decide to continue instead of folding. If you continue you must place a play bet equal to your ante bet, but in order to play, the dealer must hold a queen or higher.

If you played the pair plus bet you have an option to win an equal amount even if you have a losing hand. You must however hold a pair to receive the pay out. 3 Card Poker Multi Hand Gold pays out 40 to 1 when a straight flush is held with the pair plus bet and 30 to 1 for a three of a kind hand.

Authentic Online Game Play

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