How 777 Online Blackjack Works

When playing 777 Blackjack 2 virtual decks of cards are used in the software, which decreases the house advantage significantly. The addition of the progressive style side bet means that if you receive three diamond sevens in this four deck game as your first three cards and you will win the progressive jackpot. There are however also other ways to win the side bet and these include the following:

  • Get 777 diamond and you will win the progressive jackpot
  • Get 777 suited and you will win 1000
  • Get 777 any suit and you will win 250
  • Get 77x suited and you will win 50
  • Get 77x any suit and you will win 25
  • Get 7 with any other cards and you win 5

Triple 7 Blackjack Tips

Remember that this game is first and foremost a European Blackjack game. The progressive side bet changes how you can win, but not the basic fundamentals of the game. It literally is there to add to the winning excitement! Because of this you need to remember that when playing 777 Blackjack online you will need to:

  • Know when to double, or "double down"
  • Split Two 8s
  • Don't Split Two 5s
  • Take notes and "count cards" to increase your chances of winning

Always remember to NEVER rush a hand! Take your time as unlike in offline casinos there is no reason to play the online casino game at a predetermined pace.