Relive the 1980’s in Online Slot Format

If you long for the days when Depeche Mode and Duran Duran held sway, when neon socks and big hair were all the rage, then take a colourful trip down memory lane and re-live the vibrant years with Cray 80s Slots - play for the max 25 000.00 jackpot and walk away the ultimate 80s power player.

The Crazy 80’s Online Slot Paytable

Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Susan 20 200 800 5000
Belts & Bangles 5 80 250 600
Phone & Mag 5 25 150 500
Road Trip 5 25 80 300
Lip Gloss 5 25 80 250
Ace - 25 50 150
King - 25 50 120
Queen - 15 50 120
Jack - 10 25 100
10 - 10 25 100
Scatter - 2x 10x 50x

Play Crazy 80’s!

If you're ready for the internet's funkiest slot - let your hair down and enjoy the magic of the past, with mad prizes and cool blasts from the past! Crazy 80s Slots brings the classic 80s vibe back to you with a plethora of colourful graphics and funky artwork, powered by a state-of-the-art Viper gaming engine that delivers high-tech casino slots wizardry guaranteed to leave you 'rockin'.

Stylish 80’s Themed Slots Game

Work the slots in the heat of the 80s and feels the energy of the era as Crazy 80s Slots' video feature showers you in the cool fashion and paraphernalia - this is one nostalgic slot that is guaranteed to have you smiling.

Bring back those days of seriously cool, big beat music and way-out fashion, when the daring made fortunes in an instant - become an 80s high roller by playing with 5.00 across all 9 lines and live the 80s dream by walking away with the 25 000.00 casino jackpot - the hair isn't the only big thing that is big and crazy in 80s Slots!

Of course, the 80s took all comers, so if you're just longing for bygone years, Crazy 80s Slots lets you play from just 0.25 per line. The 80s wouldn't be the 80s without some mad in-game features, so grab the Crazy Scatters and Wild Cards that make this a serious 80s bonanza.