Cutesy Pie is One of Many Top Microgaming Slots

Cutesy Pie Slot is just one of our many beginner slot machines we have available at Spin Palace. With over 100 different online slots, Spin Palace has a game to suit all levels of slot player whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned pro!

Cutesy Pie Payout Table

For your convenience we have included the Cutesy Pie Online Slot Machine paytable for you to use. Not only will it be useful to you while playing, but it will also help you formulate a betting strategy while playing this great casino game.

Combination Coin 1 Coin 2 Coin 3
Blue Seven symbols 1,000 1,000 21,000
Yellow Seven symbols 80 160 240
Any 3 Seven symbols 40 80 120
3-Bar symbols 30 60 90
2-Bar symbols 20 40 60
1-Bar symbols 10 20 30
Candy Heart symbols 10 20 30
Any 3 Bar symbol 5 10 15
Candy Heart symbol 5 10 15
Candy Heart symbol 2 4 6

So for example:

If you bet one coin and hit 3 Yellow Seven symbols you get 80 credits.

If you bet two coins and hit 3 Yellow Seven symbols you get 160 credits.

If you bet three coins and hit 3 Blue Seven symbols you win an outstanding 2 1,000 credits.

Slot Tips to use when Playing Cutesy Pie Online

Leaving the casino can take a bit of discipline – but you need to master the art of walking away to become a successful slot player, so be sure to set yourself limitations and stick to them. If you’re looking for a gaming advantage, then consider using a strategy argued by many the give them the edge – Percentage Play.

Percentage Play means you wager a fixed percentage (usually 5%) of your bankroll for each pull, so with a session bank of $100, playing a $1 machine, you’d wager five coins on your first bet.

Now most importantly, if you win, you continue to play with five percent betting – but if you lose then you limit your next pull to the five percent of the remaining bank.  The ‘million dollar question’ is “when do you walk away”? There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s advisable to quit your session when you’ve lost half you bank.

Of course, it’s just as hard to leave the casino when you’re on a winning streak – but think about calling it day when you hit ten (10) losing spins in a row.

When you come to this point, choose to move to another slot machine, use a smaller denomination, or finish the game and log out.