A Classic that Keeps on Going

Double Magic is one of those rare slots games that offers up the simplicity of a classic slot and combines it with big wins and modern bonus features.

As with most classic slots, the full paytable is displayed on the right of the screen while the reels sit to the left. The payouts in Double Magic are quite interesting. The lowest paying combination is a single cherry which pays out 4 coins on a 2-coin bet. Then it is any bar symbol followed by any two cherry symbols. From there you go up the list in the classic order, which includes 3 single-bar symbols, then 3 cherries, 3 double-bar symbols and 3 triple bar symbols.

Multiply Your Winnings

The highest paying non bonus symbol in Double Magic is red 7. Finding all 3 will pay out 200 coins on a 2-coin bet. The one bonus feature in this game comes in the form of the star symbol. For starters, the star symbol acts as a Wild. This means that it can be used to replace any of the other symbols to form a winning combination. But it gets even better - when the star is used in a winning combination, the resultant win is doubled!

If 2 stars appear in a winning combination, the win is quadrupled. This makes the star symbol very lucrative. If you are lucky enough to land all 3 star symbols across the reels, this will trigger the highest payout in the game - an impressive 1600 coins on a 2-coin bet. That’s not bad for a classic slot that has been around for almost 2 decades!