A Classic 3-Reel Slot Game

The setup for Double Whammy is quite simple. The game consists of a single screen with the paytable on the right and the reels situated to the left. The slot setup features 3 spinning reels with a single payline and an option of playing up to three coins. Each new coin doubles the payout. The game also features a bonus symbol that acts as a multiplier and a Wild symbol.

Payouts with Just a Single Symbol

There are a total of 6 reel symbols in Double Whammy which can lead to a payout. The lowest payout comes from finding a single cherry on the reels which pays out 6 coins on a 3-coin bet. Two cherries pays out 15 coins and then you step up to the next level needing any 3 bar symbols. The standard 3-in-a-row symbols continue with the cherries, the single bar, the double bar and the triple bar.

Double Whammy Wins

The highest paying non bonus symbol in Double Whammy is the red 7, paying out 240 coins on a 3-coin bet. Then comes the most important symbol - the Double Whammy symbol. This symbol acts as a Wild and can be used to replace any of the other symbols on screen to form a winning combination.

When the Double Whammy symbol gets used in a winning combination, the resultant win is automatically doubled. If 2 Wild symbols are used in a combination, the win actually gets quadrupled!

If that weren’t enough, all 3 of these symbols trigger the slot jackpot of 2500 coins on a 3-coin bet. As a classic slot, Double Whammy offers up load of fun, big wins and a few bonus features. While it may have been around a while, it certainly looks like it’s not going anywhere, and the best place to play is at Spin Palace!